Compare Sherwin Williams and Rhino Shield pros and cons using consumer ratings with latest reviews. Cashmere is probably bthe easiest roll/brush paint S-W has. SuperPaint has Sherwin Williams’ Advanced Acrylic Resin technology; Resilience has the Moisture Guard Technology, making it a great summer paint (especially in the Ohio Valley region); and Duration is an architectural coating. I expect pretty much all paints to cover the wall in two coats. There are other paints, such as Sherwin William’s Pro Classic, that is specifically formulated with self-leveling properties. Since different types of paints do different things, choosing the right one for your walls is important! Sherwin Williams rates is 4.5 stars. In conclusion, Super Paint is a product that has paved the road for the introduction of many lines of exterior paints by Sherwin-Williams. However, neither product addresses both issues. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at, California Paints Fresh Coat Unite Paint + Primer in One Review. Three Pack of Purdy Paintbrushes – AMAZING DEAL! “It’s the best bang for the buck,” Sommers says, adding that his painters like it because it’s easy to spray, brush and roll. Beware of paints that splatter. ". Sherwin Williams SuperPaint. Sherwin Williams review with 24 Comments: I bought several gallons of Sherwin Williams most expensive and supposidly best paint (over $60 a gallon). I typically throw the rollers away when the job is done, as it takes a bit longer to get all the paint out of a roller, but you can wash those as well if you like! Instead of settling into every single teeny tiny nook and cranny on the wall, it may help to hid some of the natural dimpling in the wall from previous paint jobs. SuperPaint is an acrylic latex paint. Sherwin Williams has several different paint options. The raw materials in a can of Cashmere paint are actually similar to those found in SW ProMar 200. This is a huge advantage over Lowe’s and Home Depot when paint is needed in a pinch during a project due to a spec /color change or addition. My contractor is using Duracraft Sherwin William's paint. A SuperPaint review. This is a huge time saver! Not yet, but I will update this as soon as I write one! I can’t seem to find it but would love to read it! These are great for painting cabinets or furniture since you want the finish to be as smooth as glass. SuperPaint, by Sherwin Williams, exists in two varieties – one that is designed for exterior use and the other that is suitable for interior painting. Generally, walls are rolled with a 3/8 inch roller, though if your walls are perfectly smooth, you may want to choose a 1/4 inch nap, as this will give you the smoothest paint job. Read 454 Reviews Offers oil-based and water-based exterior and interior paints. This is not terribly hard for a good paint to do though. SuperPaint is claimed to have excellent hide. The solid stain is very thin and coverage was not as good as the solid stains we tested. If you have any questions, please see my disclaimer page. When i am done edging, I rinse my paintbrush in the sink and it comes clean in a minute or two. And they are EVERYWHERE. “I go back to homes 10 to 15 years later, and they look like we just did them. SuperPaint is a paint and primer, meaning that you don’t ever have to worry about priming your walls before you paint with it. I was able to get the edges perfectly covered with only two coats of SuperPaint. Practically speaking, this means that you will need less coats of paint on the wall than you would if you were using a paint with less hiding power. In generall most of our exterior repaints are painted with exterior super paint. And he and his painters like Sherwin-Williams’ Super- Paint Exterior Acrylic Latex Paint. This article provides a few Sherwin Williams paint reviews. to paint the exterior of my house. Try it! So, again I agree with Sherwin William’s claim that SuperPaint has an excellent hide.