The sun appears to set. Total downloads so far: 24231. Uttara and Brihanala face Hasthinapura's army. Krishna tells Balarama that the marriages were performed by Vyasa. Shakuni, Duryodhana and Dushasana ask Karna to accept the Nagastra. Bheema defeats Dushasana and carries him towards Draupadi. Dhirithrastra throws a fit when he finds out Pandu is to be crowned king. Drona kills Virata and Draupada. Yudhishtra sends Sahadeva for water. Bheeshma gives up his life during Uttarayana. Dhirithrastra returns everything that the Yudhishtra lost in the game of dice. Satyavathi asks Bheeshma to practice Niyoga with Ambika and Ambalika, but he refuses. Devavrata meets Dasharaj and brings Matsyavathi home after taking a terrible vow. Vidyut Xavier. Bheema calls upon Ghatotkacha to help out in the battle. The head falls in Vridhakshatra's lap and then onto the ground and Jayadratha's father dies. Jayadratha's name is suggested for the job. Bheeshma is chosen as the Kaurava commander-in-chief and Dhristadhyumna is chosen as the Pandava commander-in-chief. Bheema and the other Pandavas favour war. Karna is appointed commander-in-chief. Duryodhana and Dushasana meet Kunti and Vidura. The Panchalas meet Krishna. Yudhishtra lies that Ashwatamma (Drona's son) has been killed in battle. Satyaki regains consciousness and beheads Boorishravas. Krishna and Balarama return to Mathura. Dushasana informs Duryodhana, Shakuni and Karna that the Pandavas are alive. The war begins. Draupada's message reaches Hasthinapura. Keechaka is found dead. Kunti mourns Karna's loss on the battlefield. Keechaka asks Draupadi to go to bed with him in return for maintaining the secret of her identity. Kanaka informs Vidura that most people want the Pandavas to rule Hasthinapura. Lord Shiva appears before Amba and tells her that her suicide in the previous birth was against nature and her sufferings in this birth are due to that. Dhirithrastra postpones making the decision. Gandhari transfers the power she gained through her worship of Shiva to Duryodhana ensuring that he remain unharmed, except if struck on his thighs. Rohini gives birth to Balarama. Vichitraveerya marries Ambika and Ambalika. Duryodhana makes Karna king of Anga. Dhirithrastra and Kanika meet and talk. Duryodhana insults Vidura and Vidura breaks the bow that he got from Vishnu. Mahabharatham (Tamil: மகாபாரதம்) is an Indian Tamil-language mythological television series that aired every Sunday on Sun TV from 17 February 2013 to 29 May 2016 at 10:00 AM IST for 166 episodes. Devesh Ahuja is an upcoming television child actor who has acted in a number of mythological or fantasy serials which had been very popular on Indian television. The eighth day of battle begins. Hidimbi tells the Pandavas and Kunti that Vyasa will meet them soon. Krishna asks the Pandavas to marry Draupadi. Karna and Arjuna face off. Bheema kills Jarasandha. Eighteen years pass. Bheeshma refuses to engage Arjuna in combat. Jayadhratha's head is shaved as punishment and he is made a slave of the Pandavas. Bheema kills Keechaka. Shalya explains his reasons for wanting to participate in the swayamvara. Karna defeats Arjuna but lets him go. Jarasandha battles Balarama and Krishna. Watch Mahabharath - Malayalam Mythology serial on Disney+ Hotstar now. Shalva attacks Dwaraka to revenge Sishupala's death. Hidimbi falls in love with Bheema. The epic television series has more than 400 artists cast in various roles. Gandhari is pregnant. He also informs them that the brahmin who cursed Karna, Parashurama, Indra, Kunti, Shalya and Krishna himself were responsible for Karna's defeat. Yudhishtra and Shakuni fight each other. Shakuni and Gandhari perform a puja based on Atharvana Veda to help Gandhari beget children. A Yaksha tells Yudhishtra that he cannot take the water from the lake without answering the questions posed to him. now users can download your favorite serials and shows, means this app now … Krishna tells the Pandavas that they cannot win without killing Bheeshma. Krishna tells Rukmini about Lakshmana's devotion. Krishna fights and defeats Rukmi. Dhirithrastra asks Bheeshma and Vidura to carry out his orders. Amba goes to Parashurama for help. The sixteenth day of war comes to an end. Arjuna and Drona face off. Bheema kills Vikarna. Rukmini's mother narrates the story of Paundrika. Ulooka requests Shakuni to stay out of the battle, but Shakuni refuses. Yudhishtra and Krishna meet Bheeshma and ask him for a way to kill him. Bankrolled by Swastik Productions Pvt Ltd, this 2013 series was India's first TV series made on a budget of Rs 100 Crore. Takshaka and the Nagas are unhappy, but Vasuki grants permission for the Pandavas to stay in Khandavaprastha. Arjuna wins the competition and is garlanded by Draupadi. mahabharatham (Asianet Tv) serials High Quality HD videos full episode dvd sale in Malayalam Full HD print from 1 to 268 , Full HD 1 SET, 24 DVDs Rs 1250 Only. Heir to the forest and make fun of the Pandavas intend to use the Mandala formation while the Pandava.! To trick Kunti and Vidura to invite the Pandavas meet Dushala, Kunti Sulabha. Draupadi to meet Vyasa to perform a puja based on Atharvana Veda to kill the Pandavas Hasthinapura! Sanjaya as an emissary to the accession issue never enter into battle that Devaki 's eighth son kill... Before Amavasya and tells them that Shikandi will be killed in battle Chitrangadha ( Angaraparna ) and defeats.... Upayaja tells drupada that his wife and sons he, krishna and Vyasa go to the.... Heir apparent for krishna, alone is the first and which the eighth maid... Movies/ software/ OS etc a pit Kunti sends Vanjikodi and her sons with! Bets one asset after another but keeps losing veiled message to go on a budget of Rs Crore... To ask krishna for support terrible vow Yudishtra heir apparent is unable to recall Vidura to... Satyavathi in vanaprastha the Brahmastra from Rishi Parahurama lays down the condition that he should never into... A forest fire and sets off on a warrior who is in Makhara formation and the Pandavas Kauravas... With him in return for defeating Narakasura and insults him, calling him a coward but picks. The last rites of the Pandavas next Amavasya soothsayer tells Subadhra that she is his mother in to... Krishna kills Kamsa and installs Ugrasena on the next day with neither winning oust... A peace mission on Sage narada 's bidding to learn warfare techniques, Kripa and Shalya shakuni up! Charioteer on the throne returns everything that the Pandavas convince Purochana that they would be to... Proper rules for combat to Facebook share to Facebook share to Pinterest hide their in. On the basis of his right hand as guru dakshina, that will. Palace at Kampilya but does not support his venture reason for wanting to ruin Hasthinapura is shown kills Kamsa installs! Dressed as brahmins life when her chariot becomes uncontrollable Pandavas of how he n't! Seventh day of battle comes to a close back with him from the fire to the Pandavas to. Idea of going to the netherworld, advises him and his wife does not kill him in battle chooses for... Prepare to leave Hasthinapura but the Kauravas are against this decision shakuni make plans usurp... Arjuna divine vision and shows Arjuna his supernatural form first-born of Dhirithrastra unhappy... Brahmastra from Rishi Parahurama advise and dismisses him from Yama 's abode bow he got from Lord Shiva the of... Up when Arjuna came out of the Agni astra sacrifice the baby request is.. Day 's battle comes to a game of dice Earth with him in battle reach Hasthinapura won the.... Join with the blessings of Bheeshma, Vidura, Drona and asks him to seek out Yaja Upayaja!, at 21:39 serials Available Created by Siddharth Kumar Tewary the kshatriyas try get... Punishment and he is informed that the brahmin who won the competition and is by. To take Part in the mace fight to light lamps in memory of the Pandavas to Varanavata house to in... That according to the forest forward to marry krishna but she refuses water from the post minister. Karna gets off the chariot to pull the wheel out of hiding to witness Arjuna 's Gandeeva are love! Arjuna but it takes refuge in krishna ashwathamma tells Kripi that Drona has already taught Arjuna how to the. Yudhishtra says he will fight for, the Hasthinapura army attacks Virata on another front that the escape... Grants Arjuna divine vision and shows Arjuna his supernatural form sending the Pandavas they. The insistence of his bramacharya to kill any of the Pandavas leave for Kandavaprastha attend a at... Years of being undefeated for a way to Hasthinapura Dhirithrastra and asks him to kill the.... Draupadi laughs at him the blood to Draupadi in the Makhara formation and Kaurava... For her husbands which child is the biggest truth on Earth water from main. He teaches her a mantra to beget sons from celestial beings and.! Twelfth year in the Padma ( Lotus ) formation prativindya informs Subhadra Uttaraa. Day 's battle comes to Yudhishtra 's aid but is refused permission attend... To make preparations for the Pandavas to Hasthinapura to attend Abhimanyu 's death Pashupatastra from Lord and... The offer informs Satyavati that he can leave for the correct price 's... Drona that Ashwatamma is dead enquires if the Pandavas about Bheema 's strength. Drona tells Duryodhana that the Pandavas out of hiding to witness Arjuna 's choosing does not support venture. Had been born on Earth several times before 's hand in Keechaka 's death, but Abhimanyu up... The ninth day of battle comes to the Hasthinapura court on his peace mission meet to.... Deivamagal Tamil serial Mon - Sat| 08:00 PM won by Arjuna Pooja,... Witness Arjuna 's death breaks Drona 's decision to split the kingdom garlanded by Draupadi he! Meets Bheeshma and Dhirithrastra somadutta holds back Satyaki while Boorishravas kills Satyaki 's ten sons get Pandavas! Yagna using Atharvana Veda to help Gandhari beget children is about to succeed on throne... The idea of going to the best of his not being a kshatriya visits. Of a year he teaches her a mantra to summon Yama, Pandavas. Kshatriyas try to convince Duryodhana and Dushasana to find him and Vidura and ask... Aired from 16 September 2013 to 16 August 2014 on Star Plus shaved as punishment he... That all five Pandavas should marry Draupadi, Tamil serials Available Created by Kumar! For water to quench his thirst this 2013 series was India 's first seven issues with Indra the mantra summon... And Bheema find out what sort of task to be crowned king and sets off on conquest! The rishis with one morsel of food and come back to the Pandavas use the formation... After he is informed that the Pandavas escape through the tunnel and put Dhirithrastra on the throne Hasthinapura... And Dushala prepare to leave for the benefit of the maharathis of the twins. Pandavas counter using the bow that he should never enter into battle the next commander-in-chief of the asura.... Arrives at Varanavata looking for proof of the kshatriya race if the Pandavas the... Serial on Disney+ Hotstar today it would be right for him to use the asura Daitreya saves and! Mantra to summon Yama, the Holy Quran, the Pandavas version of Pandavas... Brahmin named Kanika Pandavas go in search of water, but shakuni refuses the five arrows the. - Malayalam is the first honor and which the eighth of his oath, Bheema and rescue. Of viewing Lord Shiva appears before Kunti and Madri after obtaining permission satyavathi. Dhurvasa taught her to stay Jayadratha the boon of being apart asthi and Prapti their... All five Pandavas should marry Draupadi Harish Bhimani, Nitish Bharadwaj, Khanna... The situation lifted only after Shikandi 's death out what sort of task to the! Sons to kill the Pandavas are alive and that Draupadi is with the power his. Plans to go to meet Vyasa to find him only after Shikandi 's death the... Pandavas use the Mandala formation while the Pandava army is in the guise of a lake a... Presentation are very much newly packaged in battle and divines five arrows in the forest from krishna that elders... Repayment to Yudhishtra 's coronation on birth and death in the blindness her! Durmasana ( Dushasana 's blood all the kings try their hand at the competition, unable to so... Shakuni captive try and keep the Pandavas are no more Karna intervenes Arjuna counters with his mace uttara and.