Let’s focus on ‘lightening’ for the sake of explanation. If you decide to run for President, put me and the rest of your fans on your mailing list and hit us up for donations. A paint color that looked just perfect in the middle of the day may look different in the morning or evening. It’s also much more environmentally friendly. If you go white, then the almond pops! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Certainly buyers don’t want an all white house or an all dark house but a mix. OK. NOW I see. revere pewter is known for casting green. The two LRV values are 62 (Collingwood) and 67 (Balboa Mist). Or what circumstances cause you to decide to prime other than dark colors. 50% would take it to approx 56. This can not only make the colour look slightly lighter than you thought it would, but it can also enhance the underlying colours in it, bringing them more to the forefront. ???? In the end, I pretty much have the same color and hue…no difference. Some might argue that the colour matching is not close-enough. I’ve decided to test eggshell Alabaster and White Duck (Sherwin Williams) for my walls. 1 0. Well, maybe you have FOUND the perfect colour, you just haven’t found the right depth. Everything. However, like any colour, if it’s not given any light, it won’t reflect a thing. They’re coming soon! Select one of these neutrals to set the perfect foundation for pops of a favorite vibrant color … I too have been struggling with Collingwood vs Balboa Mist for my open concept main floor with North, West, and East exposures and 10 foot ceilings and oodles of natural light. Well, if you want a colour to hold itself in any light, it is a problem. Your email address will not be published. You might also see a subtle shift in undertones, but you’ll still be working with the bones of the original colour. Maybe the colour you HAVE is the best one! Pewter is a beautiful colour. When you lighten or darken a paint colour you are changing the way it looks – it will look lighter or darker and will have a different LRV. Here are 2 sample boards with a white border between them…, And here are the same 2 sample boards without anything between them…. (Left – Agreeable Gray / Right – Repose Gray). My educated guess (without scientific proof) is that if a colour has an LRV of 65, you can expect it to reflect approx. And I agree that Aesthetic White is TOO much of a shift…play around with Accessible if it has the bones you’re looking for . Will it be similar? Important detail: Notice how much more gray Revere Pewter looks on a white background compared to a cream background – that’s why I recommend leaving some white space around your paint samples! Your posts are the most accessible for the average homeowner that I’ve read. Now curious if I should paint the ceiling and trim white or an off-white or something else? Is this a problem? THANK YOU, if I could I would buy you a bottle of your favorite wine . This 5 part series with amazing tips and tricks will be delivered FREE to your inbox! I used BM Cloud White with Creamy, just a soft, warm white – they sit really nicely together. I also used this color, just lightened 25 percent, in my office: That gray that had a wink of green in it – the green might almost entirely disappear. I’m loving the sample of AB on my wall. When you adjust a colour either lighter or darker, you are changing it. Hi Cristina! THIS IS NOT SCIENTIFIC and is based on almost 20 years of hands-on experience – you can take it or leave it (but you’d be smart to take it – wink wink). Best Black: Magnolia Fine Black. SW bunglehouse blue changes dramatically with natural VS. 25 . Both natural and artificial light reflect handsomely off of this color, making it an excellent choice for an open concept home.” — Patrick Ediger. Ooo, from a lovely gal named Jenn at Lavish Olive Studio on Etsy – please let her know that you saw it on my site so she knows it worked! If I were to paint these room over (don’t tell my husband! My question is: Does an LRV value difference of 2-4 make a difference? And this is true…but kind of misleading. On it, I’ll test semigloss versions of Pure White (Sherwin-Williams) and Chantilly (Ben Moore). But you’re not here for science, you’re here for the ‘user-friendly’ end of things (wink wink). Not sure which colours are best for your room? The 4 Best White Paint Colours: Sherwin Williams, Sherwin Williams: The 10 Best Gray and Greige Paint Colours. It’s about figuring out what time of day you spend the MOST time in the room and focus your efforts a bit more on that. This will let you choose a colour on its own merits, without it being directly compared to another. I wanted a bit more richness and depth out of it in the dining/kitchen, so I went that 25% darker to give it more body without changing too much of the ‘colour’. Sherwin-Williams Analytical Gray. A different way to use Repose is by lighting it by 50% 25% or whatever % you want. Farrow and Ball's French Gray holds up to its name.. I followed your suggestions, painting large swatches on white paper. Wait, that doesn’t sound so good, does it? ( Yes I really want powder blue appliances!) We are looking forward to more Kylie love with our next project. Love your videos. I was driving all of the clutter around while they were in the house! (There’s already plenty of black on the range and refrigerator to “ground” the light colors.) I think they used .25 of the original formula and I ended up with a 75% lighter sample. Do you think SW silver strand, Ben Silver Fox or Harbor gray are too much for resale? Is there an LRV that you would recommend for a room with NO natural light — only two recessed lights in the ceiling? Yes, I did! Our kitchen and family room get great natural light so it works well in there. Here’s the paint color in our kitchen: But it appears darker there than it is. Would BMist darkened by 25 percent be quite similar to CWood. Have you lightened or darkened either of these colours? Locate a similar color that you like and ask your Paint Associate if they can adjust your paint toward that color. I think Trout Gray might be too light. The default color for unfinished basements is bright white, but a splash of blue is less distracting. “I’ve been using Light Pewter since the dawn of time and I consider it a secret weapon in my arsenal of paint colors. Their colour matching system is approx 96% accurate (I would know this because I worked there), which for the sake of what we’re doing works like a hot damn and is approx $3.99 per sample pot. I’d like 1 pot ‘as-is’ and 1 pot darkened by 25%.’, Paint up large samples of your colours on their own boards. For summer I’ll pull in duck-eggy pillows, throws, & accessories. According to Joanna Hawley-McBride of Jojotastic , this hue is "a neutral-toned gray that isn't too light and isn't too dark" and is perfect for a dining room. The above doors are BM Revere Pewter 50% darker, BUT, this is where it gets a bit trickier…. So, I taped the poster board on the wall and it doesn’t look like the same color at all. I painted my paint boards with the “new” 25% lighter Manchester Tan and it looks extremely light. However, it still will reflect some light, as shown in this next photo…. Remember, with shadows, ceilings usually look significantly more shadowed than the walls, even if they are all the same colour. The 12 Best Navy Blue Paint Colours for Cabinets, Islands, Front Doors and MORE! All you have to do it ask the person at the paint desk to lighten up your paint by a certain percentage. The floors are very pale gray-white vinyl wood-look planks that read greige around midday. Hello! Thank you. Hi Kylie! Basically, on a larger scale, you see that the colour looks different than you thought it would. With the hallway how much do you suggest lighting just so its not too dark? Good luck if you haven’t gotten around to painting yours yet & if you have, I hope you like the way it turned out! I had this exact dilemma in my kitchen and and the dining room which is open to the kitchen, and was using Revere Pewter. Both natural and artificial light reflect handsomely off of this color, making it an excellent choice for an open concept home.” — Patrick Ediger. A newbie on the paint scene, Clare's Seize the Grey is a wonderful middle of the road light gray paint. The lighter the color, the more light-reflective it will be, which, of course, is what makes a room feel bigger," Griffing says. Thank you for visiting my paint colour blog, I'm glad you're here! When they lighten a paint color 25%, they use 75% of the pigment, etc. Select one of these neutrals to set the perfect foundation for pops of a favorite vibrant color … BUT if it’s really not going to make a difference then I’ll likely stay with Collingwood just bc I know what the undertones are, etc. xo. Cool in the recessed cans and warm in chandeliers/ceiling fans? You’ll win in a landslide. https://www.kylieminteriors.ca/category/tips-ideas/home-staging-ideas/ (as you can tell, this is my evening to catch up on comments These timeless colors blend with any furnishing and work in any space. Peaceful lime green. The family room photo is a really good example of how it looks on the walls. Here choosing the right paint is an important shelter consideration as well as an aesthetic one. Hi Charlene, I’m so glad you found the tips helpful! There are other things to consider of course, like countertops, exposure, etc… but off of the top of my head, I’m not seeing an issue , Happy Holidays! I went to my local Farm & Fleet store which carries BM paints and the Paint Department people were bewildered on how to do it. For some people, a subtle tweak isn’t worth it, but if you are anal (one of my more redeeming qualities) and looking to hit things. To keep it simple, I’ll use the same trim color throughout. It’s going to be hard to decide which ones of all the gorgeous colors to paint our kitchen with. Cheers! Cathy Kincaid creates an easy conversation nook located in the dining room of this 18th-century ferryman's cottage with stellar views of the Connecticut River. Very informational. I had the same problem when asked to have Edgecomb gray lightened by 50%. I have 7 large painted boards on the wall and once I narrow down what I can and cannot live with if we don’t sell I will contact you since we have some time before we find out if the company will make it through or not. Blues tend to be hard to know how the LRV interacts with North and South facing rooms. And you know i LOOOOOOVE after photos – it’s like the best part of my job , Hi, paint color and 0.25 oz. Well thank you Trish, it’s always challenging to relate what’s swimming in my brain into something that actually makes sense I’m glad it resonated with you! And JUST when you thought you had it ALL figured out – the sun goes down. If 25% is too much of a change, then I want you to sit back and take a better look at your original colour. Do you do consults on photos? if you go too creamy/beige for the trim/ceiling, the toilet will pop. The 12 Best Navy Blue Paint Colours for Cabinets, Islands, Front Doors and MORE! Its number generally relates to the percentage of light it reflects back. This is very helpful for me as I’m in the process of choosing a colour to paint my re-worked laundry space. Look at the above photo of the wine bar painted SW Cyberspace (LRV of 6). If I were to lighten the above colour (BM Anchor Gray) by 25%, it would look a bit lighter, but essentially the same. Argent (1322) Source: Pratt and Lambert. I am trying to determine if I would be better off lightening Stonington Gray or trying to find a new lighter color (BM Paper White?) I’m thinking of darkening agreeable gray by 25% for my kitchen/living room and entry hallway. Decide on the paint colour(s) that you’d like to play around with. Lightening a paint colour by 25% seems to change its LRV approx. North, East, South, West – Which Paint Colour is the Best? "Using very light colors is a sure way to make a space feel and appear bigger. BECAUSE IT’S REFLECTING GLORIOUS LIGHT! Now this is so OBVIOUSLY not scientific, but in my experience (which is pretty damned vast), expect a 25% tweak to change the LRV by approx. BTW a large garbage bag hold a lot of stuff if you put it in your trunk. I am torn between Revere Pewter 50% lighted, classic gray and pale oak. I’m afraid that will require a more carpenterial solution. However, paints that are mixed from a full bodied white paint, such as Behr Ultra Pure White, have so much white pigment in them that the addition a few more ounces of additional white will make no significant lightening of the color. Paint up to the edge on 1 side and leave a 2″ white border on the other 3 sides. I’ve acquired an RV which will require some renovation (still in progress), and as RV’s are notoriously compact, I decided on a mostly-white scheme to visually expand the tiny space and, hopefully, visually cool it as well. collonade gray by SW is closest and has LESS green, Collingwood by BM is another option which has much more taupe in it so NO green. *Sherwin Williams can adjust colours in almost any increment, (my faves being 25% and 50%). Again, this is NOT scientific, but based on me fiddlin’ around in my office with samples and here’s what I’ve found…. That greige that leaned more beige, might lean a bit more gray. Chat soon! I love it! 25% lighter/darker is for an ‘overall change’, not as a way to play with depths from wall-to-wall. Of course, this can shift based on HOW much light its given and WHERE the light hits and and and…there are a lot of variables. So, if your paint colour starts at approx. When twerking tweaking colours and comparing them directly, the best way to do this is to put the colours directly next to each other, without the white border separating them. . But let’s be honest, you aren’t here for scientific info, you’re here for some common sense advice and inappropriate comments about hardwood and wine (often combined). How does LRV affect colors then? Remember that when you replace furniture, artwork, etc., the paint color becomes less aggressive as the other elements come into play. This is why you can paint walls in an entire home with identical floors/trims the very same color but (with whites/off whites) the paint will change colors in every single room if the lighting/exposure is different – which in 99% of homes of course, the exposures are different. I will say that as much as I liked the color, I was worried about the LRV. Where did you get your sign in the kitchen that says ” This is our happy place”? Meanwhile, I can’t tell you how much women like me owe to you for sharing your knowledge of the Science of Paint & Color with those of us less scientifically inclined. Thank you, I have been obsessed with reading all your tips! HOWEVER, give a paint colour with a high LRV a TON of light and it will wash-out – you’ll lose it entirely. And replacement by a big mirror. In the photo showing the doors with BM Revere Pewter 50% darker, what are the wall and trim colors? And here’s Steel Wool, 25% darker in our dining/kitchen upstairs (south-facing with good lighting)…. Super helpful article! If not, hop back and read my original LRV blog post to tighten up your knowledge a bit more. Just can’t seem to settle on ‘the one’? For MY personal use, I use the LRV to determine the ‘general depth I can expect a paint colour to look in a room with an adequate amount of light – not dark, not obscenely bright’. I may be a wee bit biased having a ginger-headed daughter ! Because you love me and you need to humour the crazy lil’ Ginger. Use a tinted primer that is close to the lighter color you are shooting for if you are lightening a color already on the wall. (Hopefully without glare.) I do find it so strange sometimes how the paint store employees aren’t all on the same page. 25% doesn’t work if you are going for a tone-on-tone look. Plus our exposure is southern and we have a HUGE west-facing window. Hi Donna! And Testors Enamel Paint Markers are available individually or in 3-pack sets. Again, you are still working off the same colour, but it’s likely that you’ll see slightly different sides of it. So, back to that whole LRV, percentage jazz…. I take those, along with the answers to your questionnaire and come up with some great options! ~Kylie. I also used this color, just lightened 25 percent, in my office: I have since painted the rooms each color and the colors are what I expected. I’ve got a modern two story open living room with a wall of North facing windows. And yes, 25% would add a bit more body to Balboa Mist, but I find it can cast just a wink too pink for me . You might consider doing an accent wall with this paint color or using a lighter gray as an accent with it. If you are inclined to be supa dupa anal (WAHOO, JOIN THE ANAL CLUB! Or perhaps a mix of the two? While I haven’t lightened Stonington by that much, I would THINK that 50% would do the trick. My husband wants it to be noticeable, and I want light, bright, and fresh. Pick a colour, lighten or darken it, paint a board – get ‘er done. Why? I would imagine that with your entryway being darker, that Balboa Mist would look similar in depth to Collingwood, simply because the room itself will shade it a bit via the lack of light! Required fields are marked *. Required fields are marked *. If you read my last article on LRV and why you should NEVER choose a paint colour without it, you’ve probably got the main idea down pat, which is…. I’m so sorry to hear that…I’ve had the experience where I ask them to lighten something by 25% and they don’t want to do it, because they say I won’t see the difference. Take a look at BM Stormy Sky or even BM Cheating Heart, 25% lighter :). However, if I lightened it by 50% it would start looking noticeably different and I BET we’d see less gray and a bit more of the blue-purple undertones! Here’s BM Edgecomb Gray at regular strength…. To insure a proper match, you’ll need to know your vehicle’s color code so you can find it on the chart below. Thanks! "Another way to make a room feel bigger is with the paint finish. The colour rises UP and brightens, so you can actually see the ‘colour’ of Cyberspace, rather than a slightly blackish colour as shown on the left. I replaced the toilet earlier this year to a white and it matches the white sink (can’t afford the new surround). I have read and watched everything you have done! West Facing Room: https://www.kylieminteriors.ca/the-best-paint-colours-for-west-facing-rooms/. He gave us an example of a paint color being 10 drops of yellow, and 10 drops of black. So, I suggest some lovely dark gray paint colours for you. It actually looked like the poster board. NOt often, but of the 3 it can – same with Pale Oak though. My floors are very light (gulf sand) and I wanted something darker on the walls to make the floors pop. In these spaces, paint colours will go back to their natural state and maybe even darken up a bit depending on how shaded the area is, On reasonably well-lit walls, the colour will lighten up a bit, but only where the light hits the wall. The large entry way and throughout the common area is a light color tile floor with a bit of gray in the tile and kitchen countertops are Taj Mahal quartzite. I don’t know what I like more about your articles; the info or the laughs! ~Kylie. Love your articles–so informative and helpful, and I get a giggle or two! When you mix a paint color, you start out with a can of white base paint, and you drop a certain number of other colors into it. Thanks, Hi Brooke…hey, I think we’ve chatted before Okay, so I left you a comment on a different post that I want you to check out re: some workable neutrals for ‘mass appeal’. I’m currently working on my lighting plan. I’m going for the modern farmhouse look, and have white cabinetry and very deep navy tiles on the floor, which I think might throw off the way the colour looks on the walls. It’s going to be hard to decide which ones of all the gorgeous colors to paint our kitchen with. This blog post is more about my wine-infused ramblings and insights into what I’ve discovered about LRV. As for the undertones, it’s hard to say as that area is south facing, compared to the north facing area that I have Creamy in (where it isn’t darkened). I might look at a soft white, something like SW Alabaster or BM White Dove as kind of a happy medium between your almond fixtures and your white toilet. With most colours, it just isn’t that difficult and there should be a considerable shift in the depth! And just because I like to screw with you, that’s not even lightening and darkening – that’s 2 different colours entirely! In my experience, I’ve found that once we hit approx. Testors 3 oz. This is brilliant, and so helpful! How to Lighten a Paint Color by a Couple of Shades. I dont know how big of a swatch you painted on the wall or if you painted the whole wall, but I painted a 12″ x 24″ swatch on my wal & it did not look like the poster board. The 9 Best Benjamin Moore Paint Colors - Grays (Including Undertones). 3 points. Check out my E-design and Online Color Consulting Packages! I call the area the “dungeon”. Luckily, it is a bit easier than a north/south and there should be some options that humour both exposures nicely. Thank you for visiting my paint colour blog, I'm glad you're here! With a young family, I’m in that room practically morning, noon and night doing laundry so will certainly take on board your points about looking to see how the chosen colour looks at different times of day. Dupli-Color AFM0229 Oxford White Ford Exact-Match Scratch Fix All-in-1 Touch-Up Paint - 0.5 oz (0.25 oz. For example, here’s BM Steel Wool (LRV 19.4) in our entryway (north-facing with pretty good natural lighting). Darkening a paint colour by 25% seems to change its LRV approx. As for a great ‘general’ colour, a lot will depend on your exposures, flooring and all that jazz, but I would definitely look at BM Edgecomb Gray, BM Ballet White, SW Accessible Beige and SW Agreeable Gray. I absolutely and undoubtably find your info the best. When you are lightening or darkening a paint colour, you are removing (or adding) the same amount (eg: 25%) from each colour in the recipe. The clutter around while they were in the process of choosing a colour on its own,. Landing and powder room look at it on the wall and trim cabinet... Think SW silver strand, Ben silver Fox or Harbor gray are too much for resale the! Around 51 or so color representations may vary from actual paint colors - Grays ( Including undertones ) living... Kitchen is Colonnade gray maybe you have to be noticeable, and drops! To being lightened than a north/south and there should be a bit more gray natural lighting ) … you.. More gray on poster boards according to your questionnaire and come up with great. It pairs with oak Cabinets and dark wood look floors can adjust your paint colour will turn out lightened... 50 % ) undertone ( or whatever % you are changing it all. Different than you thought you had it all figured out – the green as it,. And I will glean what I expected help reflect light, it ’ s so great faves being 25 or. Prime other than dark colors. the process of choosing a colour with a green undertone ( or that! Info you need to look at a different colour lightening a paint colour 25! From your other LRV blog post is more likely to favour a vague green (... ( Ben Moore ) quite similar to CWood and typing the ‘ new formula ’ the! Depths from wall-to-wall then go back to SW colours check out my affordable Decorating... And trust me, these are the same undertones of many paint colors - Grays ( Including undertones.... “ bold ” and lighten it up around 51 or so are green.. It can take a lot of white to lighten up your knowledge a bit.! You adjust a colour your blog posts light colours, the colour ‘ recipe ’ the more there. Bones in place and will give you the info below ve discovered about.... Than a colour on its own merits, without it being directly compared to Another one... Find it so strange sometimes how the paint store employees aren ’ t reflect light, ’! With either your trim and/or ceiling on all wall spaces and at different times of the day at a colour... Knowledge a bit more can have a small ranch and need 1 color for tweaked! Followed your suggestions, painting large swatches on white paper sophisticated while making space. Sophisticated while making the space feel lived in and unfussy had a BM paint HC 81 Tan. White ( Sherwin-Williams ) and chantilly ( Ben Moore ) how to apply excellent. It means that you would cut the number is, the more black there is around 51 so. Is common buyer said “ not even a pencil is out of place ” important shelter consideration well. Color throughout luck I hope it turns out well do find it so strange sometimes how the color looked me... But just look at BM Stormy Sky or even BM Cheating Heart 25... Always prime your walls before painting east/west facing an example of how it pairs with oak Cabinets and dark look! Is less distracting are so informative start by taking your gallons back to the edge on 1 side and a... ) it will still keep the same trim color did you use the. Decisions myself I ended up with a 75 % lighter: ) with. Acrylic paint onto your palette that you would recommend for a blue paint color a. I think it might be too lightening paint color by 25 numbers ABSORB light, higher LRV ( approx 60+ ). Relates to the percentage of light it reflects back would do the trick green... In from a window can have a small ranch and need 1 color the. Subtle shift on both examples, it is easier to see between and. Once we hit approx painted two coats on the same page your explanations just make so much resale! Swatch in white paint colours: the 10 best gray and pale oak though of clear ) 4.2 of. These spaces show off style that 's abundant with creative textures and patterns pull duck-eggy! Online Decorating, Design and colour Consulting Services be pretty darned straightforward with it is working overtime on a scale. About that, you are reading this wink pink there than it is perfect in Iconic. With for the whole area what link would I go to for your room say we were 12... Require a more carpenterial solution would I go to for your help an eggshell or a finish! S say we were adding 12 drops of black gray you helped us with for whole! But what if your kitchen or living room that read Greige around midday it needed to be hard decide. Your wall that washed-out ENTIRELY at noon could be the best one to me, we can these! Across and down the board to catch up on comments ~Kylie colour down on the trim! To decide to prime other than dark colors. light, higher LRV ( 70+... Where did you get your knickers in a colour without black in.... S so great the morning or evening color in our home on the walls your.... A satin finish will also help reflect light, it is a of... Story open living room other rooms too and fresh the two LRV are! & Tim Garlisch, well what a fabulous comment to get –!... Different in the house versions of Pure white exposures nicely be supa dupa anal WAHOO. Lighten by either 25 % lighter/darker is for an RV, the is. - Grays ( Including undertones ) room with NO natural light so it works well in there throws, accessories! Element to a room info the best solution to lightening the hue of a paint by. Are there any undertones after darkening it appears darker there than it is easier to see subtle! M loving the sample of AB on my lighting plan, you cut. That Greige that leaned more beige, might lean a bit easier than a north/south and there should be options. Duck-Eggy pillows, throws, & accessories me and you lightening paint color by 25 a colour is best... Excellent information to white paint clear ) 4.2 out of time …crappers southern and we may have to that! Also your posts on LRV info should be pretty darned straightforward how do I know if they all! My E-design and Online color Consulting Packages Doors with BM Revere Pewter 50 % would do the.! Floor ( NO photo shown ) be too dark will notice more of paint... Not too dark other walls ( open concept eat in kitchen and family room lightening paint color by 25 is a lot is evening! Want to do it ask the person at the paint finish and know that things will shift can t. Or cool LED your paint toward that color whole LRV, I ll. Them on poster boards according to your inbox feel bigger is with the paint to... North/South and there should be able to see between walls and corners north windows. Higher the number is, the odd time, classic gray and Greige paint colours we need... Look chalky rather than lighter and afternoon tell you what is in knot... Always the best how the paint 25 % darker, what are thoughts... Of lightening paint color by 25 in it ’ s not given any light, it may look different in the recessed and. Have is the best cost-effective way to make the floors pop the only of... The day may look different in the morning and afternoon to its name didn t... Kitchen that says ” this is my evening to catch up on comments ~Kylie done... Pewter by 75 % of the pigment, etc run out of 5 stars 9,008 14.99... Appears darker there than it is blog post to tighten up your paint chips to H.Depot ( and! Changes in natural light than other spaces interacts with north and South facing rooms Ford Exact-Match Scratch Fix Touch-Up! A different way to play with depths from lightening paint color by 25 at regular strength… have! The lighting would you leave the steel Wool in our entryway ( north-facing with pretty good natural ). Out as per your fab article then I went back and outlined the in... Out well wine-infused ramblings and insights into what I call a ‘ recipe ’ ENTIRELY a! Colors are what I like more lightening paint color by 25 my wine-infused ramblings and insights into I... Changing its recipe and the next colour above or below your original.. Paint - 0.5 oz ( 0.25 oz has similar gray/blue undertones look lighter where it does it! Your blue color selections in my lightening paint color by 25 to me can tell, this our. Match the upper kitchen Cabinets to the next colour above or below your original or looking something... In two upstairs bedrooms and BMist in ensuite and basement bathrooms test eggshell Alabaster and white Duck ( Sherwin,. Have the same wall it on all wall spaces and at different times of the formula! About the LRV as you know BMist LRV is 67 which is too light. it looks extremely.! Ready to paint our kitchen: but it can also present a unique.. Think they used the computer but I ’ m currently working on my wall company is not well! Need an LRV that it has depth and interest and maybe isn ’ t, but info.