Goten y Trunks regresan a un mundo ninja ambientado en el arco de Shippuden. Goten answered. With a mysterious enemy in the shadows aiding Akatsuki what is in store for our heroes? An attack during Goten's birthday sends Gohan, Goten, Videl, and Kai 1000 years into the future, to the day after Naruto became a Genin. More. If I can get it to work it will be possible to travel across time and space in a matter of seconds. Vegeta launched a weak ki blast at his son, which he dodged successfully. ", In a large room known as the gravity chamber, two people, a man with a blue jump suit and spiky hair and his purple haired son were having a training match.". Adventure Anime/Manga Naruto Oc Goku Vegeta... Leo Son is a half-Saiyan girl who was adopted by Goku when she was young. "Goten, this has to be the most disturbing movie I have ever seen.". "Well my mom built a machine to go to other dimensions. "He's the leader of the village. "There's this awesome movie that's going to be on TV in twenty minutes and I wanted you to see it.". DRAGON BALL X NARUTO:PATH TO THE GODS Fanfiction. "Let's find out.". Since you're stuck here you might as well broaden your horizins. "Maybe we can find something to drill those images out of my head with" Trunks said half jokingly. Trunks was obviously exhausted. Forum. After agreeing to play a game the Zenos made up, Goten must go to different eras to find the Four-Star Dragon Ball. Durning a fight with Vegeta a jutsu from another dimension transports her to another dimension! "Shut up! "Trunks, Goten is here." Twenty minutes later Naruto was staring at the two half sayians in awe. Meanwhile on the other side of the portal a young boy was walking on the outskirts of a village. Like I said though, I'll give you an allowance for food like I do for Naruto. "Now let's see all I have to do is connect this last wire and..." The machine sprung to life a bright swirling light in the center. She said all this while still tinkering with the machine. :Trunks made his way down to the door of the Capsule Corp Building to greet his friend. I want to show you everything in my apartment." ✨ It's Dragon Ball Z/SUPER x Reader oneshots~✨ Gohan got the extra key and unlock the door. After being in a different world for three years Oni has finally returned to the Shinobi world along with her long lost twin Emi. Yaoi! He was saying this to himself, as there was no one else around him at the time. and I'm not that great at writing this stuff so comment please. Que se la pasen muy bien, y cuando tengo 150 likes o más, subo la cuarta parte, y hasta pronto. Android 17 is back with Dr. Gero, Cell, Freiza, Buu and an unknown enemy who seems to be in charge. What will two small half sayians do to the Naruto Universe, find out here. Kakashi Teoria 3,767 views. Was all Goten could say in reply. "Last one through Licks a cactus!" Everyone knows that. "You expect me to believe that you two came from a completely different dimension?". A couple of minutes later, Goku stood up from the ground and started a new training session. Sure we can son." If you want me to write a Oneshots just tell me which guy and what happens :) Fanfic goten en el planeta vellita # 2 gran pelea - Duration: ... Que Hubiera Pasado si goten estaba en el mundo de Naruto cap 1 - Duration: 4:14. Goten said." I do accept constructive criticism. I didn't see either of them in a crossover yet so I figured I'd try it out to see how it ran. Maybe watch a few episodes of the Great Saiyaman arc and overall Buu arc to get a feel on Goten. As he jumped backwards to throw more punches, he almost jumped directly into his mother who was carrying several plates of food over to the table. Trunks raised his hand when the Hokage mentioned money. I have no idea what that means." Does Goku feel the same... Goku has a 3rd child and they undergo many more battles in this story . What do you want to do Goten?" Goten nodded and they started to make their way to Bulma's lab. And now for "Attack of The Killer Space Pandas From Hell" (Cough) I mean um… now for "The Kids Are Lost. All of it...eaten.". As of now I don't know how far I'll take it. Trunks just nodded occasionally without really paying attention Just noting where all of the important stuff is. I chose Goten and Trunks however to give myself a challenge. ~Gohan's POV:~ After I found the extra key and open the door. She was too focused in her own self-gloating that she failed to realize the two young boys walking towards the machine. Being a Sayian meant he always had two things on his mind, food and fighting. Don't worry, I'll make sure all the paperwork is taken care of so your teacher knows who you are.". "Come on I' take you to him." I'll have to see it some time." "Attack of The Killer Space Pandas From Hell!". Gohan remember there was an extra key in on the bottom of the carpet on the porch. En esta ocasión, inicia lo chido, asi que espero les guste, y gracias por su atención. "I didn't know you could use a golf ball that way." ", Naruto looked at him confused. But somehow, the two Saiyans... Vegeta and Goku get together in this story. Come in to read stories and fanfics that span multiple fandoms in the Dragon Ball Z and Naruto universe. "Oh and I hope one one you doesn't mind sleeping on the floor. Second, I will provide you with some money for food purposes since I know Naruto only has enough to feed himself." "Oh hey Trunks, It's an inter-dimensional transporter. "Yeah, it's pretty cool. Thought Trunks. Dragon Ball Z and Naruto crossover fanfiction archive with over 500 stories. Preferences and Oneshots of your favorite DBZ characters! Unfortunately before she could pass through the portal short-circuited and shut down. These past enemies are after none other than the youngest child of Goku. ... Naruto~Twin Saiyans in the Shinobi World (DBZ and Naruto) November 22, 2016 ONI . A story of love, heartbreak, betrayal and strength... ♥ This was my entry for the YouTube contest! But she is no ordinary girl. "Hey! ", "That's the thing gramps" The Third's eye twitched at being called gramps, "I don't know how the machine worked. for Naruto & Gohan: Legends Will Rise. This is the only time I'm letting you two in my stash though. Goten spun around and quickly caught the pile of dishes before anything bad could happen, and placed them onto the table. "Ahh Crap!" AU, Gohan/Hinata, Naruto/Hanabi Naruto went to his room and passed out in his bed. FanFiction. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. "Okay since that's settled I go ahead and cook you two some Ramen. "Ha ha ha, and they said it couldn't be done. He then grinned at them, not one of the boy's patented grin, but a menacing smirk, promising pain for the mob of abusers. They arrived at the house and naruto was currently giving the two half sayians a tour of the place. ... [DO NOT USE FANFIC POCKET ARCHIVE LIBRARY APP TO READ THIS FIC OR ANY OTHER FIC. "Hmm, so it could be now or a year from now. After tonight you have to buy your own. Trunks yelled as he ran into the portal. He knew he was a big eater but these two put him to shame. What will two small half sayians do to the Naruto Universe, find out here. His daughter: Skylyn and the only ones who can stop these enemies are Skye's friends: Gi, … But there's another reason. Goten having fun fishing with his father. Trunks wanted to know as well but he was too proud to ask. "I'm going to bed." He yelled as the light exploded all around him and he covered his eyes to avoid going blind. With that the chapter has ended. Goten asked not being able to help himself. And with that the duo headed with Naruto where the Hokage was. "I know, why don't I take you guys to the Hokage. "Sure, that sounds great." But it was too late they had already crossed. Goten called out, throwing punches into the air as he jumped around the house. There a poll on my Fanfiction page to decide what the next series would be. 'I still don't get it.'. I founder Where Goten and father are? In fact I'll give you the money now while I'm thinking of it.". King Kai is right. Wait for me" Goten yelled as he followed behind. Also, for Goten's speech, think more of what a happy-go-lucky and carefree kid would say. Anime/Manga Fanfiction Romance Naruto Dragonball Z Love ... Saiyan Shinobi Kunoichi Goten Trunks Emi Oni Manga Adventure Fairy Tail. He pondered, as the light slowly got bigger. "What's a hokogi, is it something you eat." questioned the purple haired demi sayian. Why was it so hard to get grown-ups to believe what he said. "DARCY!" Goten however was actually interested and took in everything he was being show. Goten got excited as the large whips of ki around Naruto sucked in to him and he started to get his energy under control. I'm tired." Naruto added, asking what was on the minds of all three genins in the process. 'I get the feeling those two are going to be a pain' The Third thought to himself. One had spikey black hair, an orange fighting gi, a blue undershirt, and matching blue sash. Goten hadn't fully recovered from the day of training before, but to Goku's surprise he was as fast as he himself. Series. ", Bulma laughed triumphantly with here hands on her hips. Chatting along the way. However they are not the only two that have ended up in the shinobi world. Episodes are online to watch, I know that. "Let's go see if my mom's working on anything in the lab.". Lord Beerus brings his adopted 12 year old son Hakai toEarth to meet the saiyans. Two young children claiming to be from another world that Naruto just happened to run into. The only daughter of the great Son Goku! When the light cleared there were what looked to be two young children standing in front of him. The name was enough to perk the purple haired boy's interest. This is the story of a girl named GiGi. In fact, I've never even heard of that currency. The man behind him held out an arm and blue energy surrounded his flat hand. He pointed to the blond. Goku and Goten begin flying to where Goku used to go fishing with Gohan. We enter the room. This would be the first time anyone ever stayed at his house. ", "Oh Okay" said Goten in thanks. Naruto crossover fanfiction archive with over 35,280 stories. He sported an orange and blue jacket and orange pants on his face were a pair of goggles.". Naruto's face showed no emotion, then a scowl, multiplying the mobs fear, made its way to the surface, Naruto's still outstretched hand pointed two fingers toward the crowd. Don't worry, the story will get better. Can you go back? Goten asked curiously. I lifted my head from the filth and dirt that covered the ground, my eyes burning as I tried my best to glance up at him, Goku's hands lifted me up we... Luffa the princess of the Saiyans was sent to Earth with Goku. "Come on guy! His life was good until the age of 4 when he was diagnosed quirkl... My first ever story, i am not the best at writing so give me slack, i was inspired to write by Kenshiro, Goku Black or any other of his name changes. I will only do lemons if someone... Melanie is Goku's best friend they grow up together,and go through everything but Melanie wants to be more than friends. It's really long, but read it anyways! Izuku Yagi was the son of No.1 hero All Might and No.5 hero Green Telek with a sister named Izumi Yagi. Kagome is a strong bubbly half-saiyan with a short fuse. "Good, now Goten and Trunks there are a few things you should know. Shikamaru Gohan Goten Trunks Crossover Dbz Dragonball Z Saiyan Jutsu Shinobi Ninja. The words of his mother over the PA relieved him greatly. "Name's Naruto!" Fuerzas ajenas a la Tierra sacudirán todo lo conocido por los ninjas. Son Goten and Trunks Brief spent their childhoods surrounded by the extraordinary, living and learning from within their parents' footprints -- with each considering their Saiyan heritage. "Any, I even collect different kinds." However, with girls still falling in love because of his eyes, will Goten ever win this game and undo this curse? The spike haired man provoked his son in an effort to get him more worked up for the fight. She has inherited her Dad's love for fighting. My beautiful ramen. This was starting to sound interesting. ", "I'll sleep on the floor." Durning a fight with Vegeta a jutsu from another dimension transports her to another dimension! Que hubiera pasado si Goten y Trunks caían en el mundo de NARUTO Parte 1 ... y si le gusta los fan fic puede dar un like si le gusto el fanfic bueno … Goten said. " They might even become his friends. If you don't mind please give me a review to tell me what I can improve on. Then an idea hit him. "I don't know what else to say" Trunks was starting to get annoyed. But is she too late? Naruto was excited now that he had someone to share his ramen fetish with. Your review has been posted. Both the younger boys just sat back in their seats with content looks on their faces. Goten never heard of anyone collecting a food before. "When I get my hands on them..." She made her way to the portal. It's kink of creepy." If you have energy to complain you have energy to keep training!". 'Those two act alike. All I have is my bed and a small couch and I don't want to give up my bed. Hakai is a saiyan. Come in to read stories and fanfics that span multiple fandoms in the Naruto universe. He thought to himself as he exited the gravity room. Continuación de "Dos Saiyajins en Konoha". "Daaaad, We've been training for the past three hours. "...And this is the fridge, that's the stove, over there's the bathroom." "So Trunks is it?" There was a sudden rustling in the bushes that had all the ninja, except for Kakashi, reaching for weapons. Goten, while rubbing his poor stomach, turned his head just enough to notice a blond boy staring at them. ", The third rubbed his chin as he pondered. She landed on Kami's Lookout where she trained all her life. ⚫ you can request anything (Expect Lemons... For now.). Nuevas batallas de otro nivel tendrán como escenario al frágil mundo shinobi, pero esta vez, el poder de Goten y Trunks quizá no sea suficiente. In fact I can tell by the look in your eyes that your not. He stated with a grin on his face. She is the younger sister of Gohan by 2 years and has stuck to his side through every battle since! "Trunks look!" Plus the duo are fun for me to write. It looked like a huge metal ring with a control panel beside it. WARNING yoai content so if you dont like that sort of thing then dont read it. Now in their twenties, one man grapples with hollowness, while the other chases sunshine despite the inevitable cloudy days. Plus, we'll be able to go to other dimensions." "The genin exam's ten days away. ", Trunks cocked an eyebrow "What bright light, I just stepped through my mom's machine and...Oh heh heh, I guess it actually worked.". His younger brother Goten seems more than willing to help him out. Goku said." Leo Son is a half-Saiyan girl who was adopted by Goku when she was young. "Naruto." Yours descression is advised. "Now if you don't have anymore questions there's work I need to do. All Just as he got back up and was about to retaliate he heard a voice coming from the room's PA system. A Goten fanfic! "Would you mind letting them stay with you while they're here.". Two hours later the two boys were on the couch staring at the television with a very traumatized look on their faces. 'Finally. Trunks wasn't really interested but pretended to be anyway. Naruto was excited. He had blond hair, blue eyes, and whisker marks on his cheeks. goten trunks goku gohan vegeta dbz dragonball bulma chichi piccolo dragonballsuper krillin videl dbs saiyan pan bulla beerus whis broly 590 Stories Sort by: Hot "Hey mom, whatca working on?" "It just isn't possible. Trunks shrugged, tying his arms behind his head, sitting on the right side of Naruto, his best friend on the other. Her father is Goku, the greatest fighter on earth. The boy with purple hair nodded. This leads me to my next question. He quickly came up with a solution. It's been five whole years since the defeat of the terrifying Cell at the hands of the half-Saiyan child, Son Gohan. Read Female Goten x Male Reader x Female Trunks from the story Male Reader x Fem Yandere Various 2 by gojira2003 with 7,175 reads. One, while your here I expect you to attend the Ninja Acadamy. But Goten? What are you waiting for, let's watch it.". GohanxGoten! Visit --- Trying to find a way home while fitting … Me and Goten decided to test it out and we ended up here. He'll be able to help you.". I hope they don't have me make a clone again, I suck at clones." Naruto replied back to the old man. Every time he took the exam it was the same test, the Bunshin No Jutsu (Clone Jutsu.) Naruto and Goten had hit it off right away, chatting animatedly on the way to Tazuna's village as though they had known each other for years. It wasn't his fault no one bothered to teach it to him. They both ate twenty bowls each compared to his five bowls. I don't the rights to these characters and I make no profit off of this work. Also, I may do another story like this but with a different franchise like Naruto, One Piece, and etc. "Trunks I think I'm gonna, I'm gonna..." Before he could finish he spewed the contents of whatever he ate last on the ground next to him. A sequel to Goten's Regrettable Wish. Of course, due to the loss of footage, the world was... All The Dragon Ball Z characters, Even the villains, if you want. "I sleep outside on the ground all the time so it's no big deal.". Lets go." Adventure Anime/Manga Fanfiction Naruto Oc Goku ... Vegeta Shikamaru Gohan Goten Trunks Crossover Dbz Dragonball Z Saiyan Jutsu Shinobi Ninja Leo Son is a half-Saiyan girl who was adopted by Goku when she was young. Don't like then don't read. His mind tortured with nightmares of the ramen consuming beasts in the other room. For those who are wondering this story starts ten days before Naruto's genin exam. They made there way to the lab to find Bulma working on a strange machine. "While I find it far fetched I don't see any reason for you to be lying to me. Naruto looked up at the Hokage. What if Lily, the eighteen year old girl, falls in love with Goku before ge... Vegeta and Chrissie met on Earth for the first time (but the second time in their lives) when Vegeta first came to destroy Earth with Nappa. Hiruzen Sarutobi, the third Hokage, had an open mind about things, however the story he was being told was a little hard to believe. "So um, who you two and how'd you make that cool bright light. How'd you get sick anyway, it wasn't that bad." "What the?" Goku said. Naruto ran out the door with the two younger boys behind him. Little Trunks, maybe. Community. Anime/Manga Fanfiction Pan Cell Goku Gohan ... Goten Buu Freiza Chi Chi Dragon Ball Z Oc Dr Bulla Gero Android 17. Enter Son Kagome! ⚠️DISCLAIM⚠️: DragonBall, DragonBall Z, DragonBall GT, DragonBall... Chi chi wasnt just pregnant with Goten, he was born with a fierce twin sister called Gine. Three years ago, Uchiha Sasuke, a prodigy and one of only two remaining members of the Uchiha clan, had gone rogue and left the village. "Come on Trunks, I know you can do better than that." ", "No Trunks, I'm sorry. This is the story about the events leading up to the the young twins meeting t... What if Son Goku falls in love with Lily Evans before he marries to Chichi and have two sons? "What machine, what are you talking about." Running through thick brush, jumping over logs and rocks and dodging trees, the father and son duo made it to a safe distance from the house, making sure they wouldn't harm Chi … "WAIT!!" It was as though they were kindled spirits destined to meet. Bulma turned around just in time to see them both jump in. Gohan thought that his father and Goten would be home. "Other dimensions? After about ten minutes of aimless walking he noticed an odd light start to form in front of him. Gohan: 25 and Goten19. "So Naruto, what's your favorite food?" ... Goten. Goten and Trunks step into Bulma's inter-dimensional portal machine while her back is turned and they end up in the world of Naruto. Just In. "That does sound awesome! "That's awsome! Can we go fishing daddy." He pulled a wad of bills out from his desk drawer and gave some to each of them. Goku said as he smile at his youngest son." Goku and Goten took a break and sat on the ground from the hard training session they had together. I don't own DBZ or Naruto but I do like waffles. said the other boy. It was the same style of fighting Goten's mom used to attack, … There was no answer. Thought I was going to kill over.' "Goten, that's disgusting. Trunks failed to keep his eyes on his father while dodging however and received a blow to his side from his father's leg and he spun to the other end of the room. I am the smartest woman in the world!". I wonder what's on the other side of that portal?" Because the few lines he got in this, just didn't sound like Goten. Goten and Trunks step into Bulma's inter-dimensional portal machine while her back is turned and they end up in the world of Naruto.