Stay with your vehicle until the valet greets you and retrieves your keys. Housekeepers. Do I stay in my car or get out when I pull up to the curb? Tip less if you tip throughout the year. Some properties will allow you to combine so you’ll only have to make one payment. I wouldn't tip for them to park it unless you just want to try and get better service. Hotels. But here’s the thing: Tipping when your car is brought to you does nobody any good. This shows the valet that you appreciate their efforts and they, therefore, will show respect to your car. When your car is returned to you, it's appropriate to tip the valet $2 to $5. If you only tip at the end, there's no way you can undo the care or lack of care.” I got paid minimum wage when I worked as a valet because it was considered a job that was supplemented by tips, which was ok, because it came out to about $10/hr. Do I have legal grounds to discontinue "valet trash" that I'm paying for and do not use with my apartment? The idea behind the no-tipping policy was to make sure the service is available to all, according to Oveson. But if you get great service, tip! I pay a hefty monthly bill of $35 with "valet trash" in my apartment complex. Bartenders/Wait Staff. They are usually paid a minimum wage. The valet workers are doing their jobs and trying to make a living so it is proper to tip them when you get the car back. The ridiculous parking fees you spend are not being lavished on the parking attendants, I assure you, & the fact that it is the norm to tip is almost certainly factored into the wages that are paid. Yes there are lots of hotels to choose from but valet parking is a service and as such there is an expectation to tip accordingly. Even if the hotel or restaurant you’re staying at offers “complimentary” or free valet service, make sure to still tip your valets. Apartment building elevator operators - $15-40 each. Do you tip a valet when you have a monthly parking space? Apartment building superintendent - $50-200. Which is awesome. 6. First of all, it’s just really nice. Also, there are a few basic rules. Double that for 20 percent. “You can either tip a little at a time, or tell the valet you will get [him or her] at the end,” said Eric Matava, a former valet at a Connecticut hotel. If you're disappointed by the quality of service, you should still tip something. I was working at a rate of $12.00 an hour (valet drivers make decent money for what they do), and you get $8.00 via paycheck, and the rest you … Tips are not required. If you can't afford to keep a car in the city AND tip the attendant, don't do so. A standard valet tip is $2-$5. While no one is obliged to tip, whether you’re a renter or owner, choosing not to tip is discouraged. Emily Post recommends tipping valets $2 to $5 across the board, but also advocates giving garage attendants a larger tip around the holidays. He will, however, expect one when he brings the car back to you. At least you are putting the cash back into the local economy and not up a corporate ladder. Traditionally, folks tip valets when their car is delivered. Apartment Doorman/concierge - $10-80 or more each, depending upon building. Beyond hotel visits, you might encounter a valet at work, a health club or even your apartment. It can often feel like everyone needs a tip when you're staying at an upscale hotel, and they, … Many still argue that the valet should also be tipped when he takes the car. I'm pricing monthly parking options near my office in the Chicago Loop. I would tip a small amount every time. Place the tip on the bedside table or pillow every morning of your stay. "But if the person does something extra, such as treat an area more heavily than normal or move furniture, you may want to tip $5 to $10. In any case I agree that you tip only when your car is returned to you. Holiday tipping of $20 or a restaurant gift card is always appreciated," Mayne says. The fewer doormen the building has, the more you tip each one. Valet trash fees are generally included in some other monthly bill, whether rent or utility. Share some aloha by adding a mahalo (thank you) note! We are pretty nice in Fort Lauderdale, it must be the wonderfulweather. Tip the Valet Parking Attendant when he delivers the car back to you. However, depending on how much work they do for you and whether it is raining, you can tip your doorman anywhere between $5-20. That would be a money saver, but would my savings be eaten up by tips? There's no need to tip the valet when you drop the car off; he won't expect a tip. Generally speaking a $2-$5 tip for a parking valet attendant is common for both drop off and pick up. Living in a service building carries many perks. First, offer a tip even if the valet service is complimentary. Valet Parking Tipping is usually around $2 for each time the valet parks or retrieves your car if there is no parking fee. You would think that the valet's get a piece of that $30 parking charge but they don't. So, the quickest way to a valet’s heart is often through their wallet. “What that does is it helps to influence the level of care your car's about to receive. When you’re spending as much as $30 a day for hotel parking, tipping the valet each time he or she retrieves your car can seem like an unnecessary investment. Chances are if you valet park in Las Vegas, you’ve been doing it wrong. If valet parking is free, the valet driver should definitely receive a tip. If you frequently ask for help carrying heavy packages, hailing cabs or replacing lost keys, you should probably be a bit more generous than if you rarely interact with your apartment staff. If the amount would be so small that it is insulting due to the number of times you are in and out every day, then just tip when they bring you the car. Apartment building handyman - $15-40 each. See if other renters agree and learn tipping etiquette on The Shared Wall blog from! Now, if there is a parking fee that does not mean that the valet should not get a tip. When valet parkingis free/complimentary, a tip is definitely required as this is the only source of income for the valet. In Chicago, if that matters. Tip when you drop off and when you pick up your car. If you aren’t sure whether or not to leave a tip or how much to leave, check these guidelines. We’re here to help. I don't think they expect anywhere near a 18-20% tip but a few dollars will be appreciated and more or less expected. Needless to say, the guy that got my car got no tip. Your packages don’t get lost, you don’t have to worry about security, and if you need an emergency plumbing repair, you can count on someone to come to the rescue in minutes rather than days. If you don't have access to either, remember that all you have to do is move the decimal two digits to the left, and you'll have 10 percent. Valet parking personnel. $1-2 hotel room/$5 multi-room apartment per day. Whether you live in an apartment complex or you own one, you must already know that there are a lot more trash valet benefits than just an added convenience. Would you tip your building maintenance staff? If you forget this then think about all those movie scenes where the valet take the car. If you don't want to tip then don't use valet parking, it's your choice after all but people shouldn't be saying that they would use valet and not tip. “Start by putting a tip on the dash,” Ryder said. You'll be standing there, waiting for it, rather than quickly handing off the keys. If you are not sure about the amount, a safe bet is probably around $5. As a resident, you no longer have to bring down your trash, place it in your car and take it to the Dumpster yourself. Average tip was $3-$5, but as the valet you don't personally keep the tip. You give it to the manager or put it in a lock box and the tips are all pooled. Ideally, you would tip a small amount every single time. If you receive excellent service you should tip generously. Like anything, you get what you pay for and if you don't mind waiting for your car inline with the rest, $2 is fine. Even if you're staying at a budget property without plush bathrobes and a pillow menu, there are still staff members who deserve a tip. The amount is obviously up to you. I do not use this service and can no longer afford it and I can not meet their requirements of placing my trash outside my door at a certain time they require. Most garage spaces are 260-330 per month, but I've found a couple of valet garages that are 220 per month. If you ask the valet attendant to retrieve your car because you forgot your cell phone, lipstick, purse or briefcase, this is an extra service that requires an extra tip. Your transaction is already complete. That … Service valets offer helping hand and extra security on apartment premises during the night; Valet Trash: Things to know. As with anything, tip more when the service is awesome! Hairstylist/barber