Many of the most popular tools fit on a keychain. Find a Store Near Me. With the word “slim” in its name, the Urban Slim Tool is a thin sheet of heat-treated stainless steel that puts 10 wrench sizes, a screwdriver, and a bottle opener in your wallet. When Distinct multi-tool was being designed, Chiseled Design focused heavily on versatility, and the outcome is an impressive array of implements that have been incorporated into an everyday carry. Customer Testimonials. It opens cans, saws through objects, loosens bolts, and provides solutions for countle And best of all, it hides away in your wallet and takes up even less room than an ordinary credit card. Details about Snap On Credit Card Multi Tool. Like all of Smart Ruler is a multi-functional credit card sized ruler that is designed to make measuring, sketching... View full product details » Smartruler Aluminium BLACK Smartruler 14$ Aluminium BLUE Smartruler 14$ Stainless Steel Smartruler v3.0 22$ Brass Smartruler 25$ Titanium VIOLET Smartruler v3.0 30$ Titanium Violet v2.1 30$ Titanium NATURAL Smartruler v3.0 30$ Titanium NATURAL v2.1 30$ Elbo - 11 in 1 multi tool survival kaart (5) The True Utility CardSmart is the ultimate credit card sized EDC everyday carry mini multi-tool with more useful functions packed in than ever before. They are most well known for their credit card sized survival tools, which many consider to be the best credit card multi-tools ever made. World's first 100% flat multi-tool (18 in 1) that fits in your wallet with your credit cards Made from 4x heat treated steel Great for repairmen, mechanics, carpenters, hobbyists, … We LOVE the cards! Shop Savings Services Ideas. Comes with a carrying case for protection. EDC Tool Card with 60+tools in One. But if you’ve maxed out on keychain space or just want to add a little more functionality to the things you keep in your pocket, then it’s worth looking into a credit-card-sized multi-tool. Add multi tool credit card to your backpacks and redefine wilderness. Knife, Survival Axe, Sundial, Wrenches The Lever Gear Toolcard Pro packs 40 tools into a 1.5mm thin tool. Imagine… One weird little tool that’s a… Can Opener Knife Flathead Screwdriver Ruler Bottle Opener 4 Position Wrench Wingnut Wrench Saw Blade Manual Compass 2 Position Wrench Tool for shotgunning beers …and it … Credit Card Survival Tool This handy tool comes with a waterproof pouch that can fit almost anywhere. Your best bet is to have a small TSA-friendly multi-tool for when you travel (even better, one you'd find useful even when you aren't). Knife, Survival Axe, Sundial,Wrenches by MRF Multitools | Check out 'Credit Card EDC Multi Tool 60 Tools in One' on Indiegogo. Carrying proper types of equipment like multi tool credit card while camping and trailing have their own benefits. 30 Tools in 1 Credit card sized multi tool The Cardsmart is a multitool that fits into your wallet. Survival and Tool Cards Grims credit card tool kits were designed to easily be carried with anyone, the perfect everyday carry ( edc ) tool kit. Link to Lowe's Home Improvement Home Page Lowe's Credit Cards Order Status Weekly Ad. 70(L) x 10(W) x 50(H) mm. 18-1 Credit Card Tool. 10-in-1 Credit Card Multi-Tool. Be ready in an emergency! The size of this tool may seem small, but it has more built-in functions than all the other multi-tools … This Twelve-In-One Credit Card sized tool is like carrying a complete toolkit in your wallet. MRF Multitools is raising funds for Credit Card EDC Multi Tool 60+ Tools in One.Universal 3.0 on Kickstarter! Credit Card Multi-Tool Fits in your wallet or easily in a pocket. Snap On Credit Card Multi Tool. Universal 3.0 60+ tools credit card multi tool knife was born after long 2 years of designing, prototyping and testing in different conditions by our fans worldwide.. Universal 3.0 credit card multi tool is presented in 3 different colours for Every Day Carry. Deze RVS multi tool heeft en kan je overal mee helpen! Price: £9.99 [History: 31 sold] No additional import charges on delivery. All credit-card sized tools are slim, but some are slimmer than others. However, such gadgets are on the simpler side of the spectrum. The most Multi Functional Minimalistic Gear. Practical tool card equipped with 18 practical functions, all made of durable materials. Find multi-tools at Lowe's today. multi tool credit card come in discrete sizes and designs. Survival Creditcard 14 in 1 SOS Outdoor Card Tool (5) 8,50. Custom Credit Card USB. Don't be thrown off by its simplicity or slimness... this card's got it where it counts. Outfit any wallet with 18 useful, everyday tools with the Wallet Ninja. This clever device slips right into your wallet, where it sits unnoticed until you find yourself stuck in one of a wide-variety of situations. A credit card multi-tool certainly won't replace your toolbox, but in a pinch, it's handly to have some tools in your wallet. Lever Gear Tool Card Pro. That's right, it IS possible to fit three different wrenches, a can opener, screwdriver, saw blade, knife, ruler, bottle opener and even a directional ancillary indicator into a slot in your wallet, and still have room to fit the rest of your cards, cash and miscellaneous receipts in there too! It’s made out of super strong, pure stainless steel, so that it will never bend or break. See details - NG188 10 in 1 Credit Card Multi Tool Bottle Opener Screwdriver Knife Survival The Most Multi Functional Minimalistic Gear. With the size of a credit card, the Lever Gear multi-tool is made from 420 stainless steel, and it also has a perfect satin finish and permanent graphics that are laser-etched. 30 tools for everyday carry that take up no more space than a credit card! Add more thrill to your hiking experiences with them. Specifically sized the same as a standard credit card not only do they easily fit into a wallet or purse, but also are sized to fit easily in a standard sized tin. Ninja Wallet Credicard Tool - Voor in je Portemonnee - Wallet Ninja - 18 in 1 Tool (36) 12,95. $4.00. Slip this stainless-steel credit card multi-tool into your wallet to have on hand! It can be used for: repairs, mechanics, measuring, outdoor needs, camping, boating and more. Directional ancillary indicator, 2 position wrench, 4 position wrench, wing nut wrench. 1 offer from CDN$18.13. Brand New : Condition: New. Silver 440c Hardened Stainless Steel; Black Gunmetal 440c Hardened Stainless Steel Tool for shotgunning beers …and it even has a lanyard hole. The Tool Logic® brand of survival knives and multi-tools from SOG are known for their innovative designs and high quality. Pro: Guaranteed against rust and dulling Con: Cell phone stand is a little dodgy Slim Pickin’s: Though they are technically the size of a thick, heavy credit card, few tools are quite as comfortable to carry as the Wallet Ninja thanks to its extremely slender profile. $1.00. Je kunt er mee zagen, als blikopener gebruiken of inzetten als schroevendraaier. Item # JGWRH-XWXWK Share; Print; Email; This 18-in-1 multi-purpose credit card sized tool measures at 3 11/16" x 2 1/2". This multi-tool comes with 18 different functions including a can opener, multiple screwdrivers, and a box opener. Wallet Ninja. Quadruple heat treated steel gives it lots of durability and makes it feel solid in your hand while you use it. Multi Tool 46 in 1 Credit Card Size–Fit to Pocket,Wallet,Phone Case – Every Day Carry EDC - Multipurpose Gadget Tools for Men - Outdoor Camping Accessories DIY|Christmas Gifts for Men(1-Without Clip) 4.5 out of 5 stars 10. Lowe's Home Improvement lists My Lists. Free 2-day shipping. Buy 2 Pcs Gift Set Snowflake Multi Tool + Credit Card Multitool W/ Case, Stainless Steel Combination Compact Portable Outdoor Products Snowflake & Card Multi-Tool Present Christmas Kit at Multi-purpose survival knife tool is the survival tool, solid and practical wallet tool without taking up space. Custom Branded Credit Card Multi Tool (Model 2) $1.00. Still, multi-tools are some of the most versatile items you can carry, and going anywhere without one can leave you feeling woefully unequipped. World's first 100% flat multi-tool (18 in 1) that fits in your wallet with your credit cards Made from 4x heat treated steel Great for repairmen, mechanics, carpenters, hobbyists, … World's first 100% flat multi-tool (18 in 1) that fits in your wallet with your credit cards Made from 4x heat treated steel Great for repairmen, mechanics, carpenters, hobbyists, … Featuring 1x Phillips, 3x Flat drivers, 20x Wrenches, 1/4” Hex drive, a bicycle spoke spanner, pry bar, can opener, bottle opener, rulers, protractor and a lanyard attachment. Skip to main content. They’re barely thicker than a credit card or ID, but many of them can perform over a … Instead, the tool is stored in the apocalyptic survival kit, the nostalgic camping bag or relegated to the car's glove compartment - defeating the purpose. Limited Edition (Soft Touch Finishing in Matte Red) Wallet Ninja 18 in 1 Multi-Purpose Credit Card Size Pocket Multi-Tool 4.6 out of 5 stars 163. Featuring 30 useful tools in 1 compact design, the CardSmart is so small and light, simply slip the clever 86 x 54 x 2 mm cool portable multitool into your wallet, pocket or bag and be ready for virtually any emergency or daily task. Brand New See original listing. Credit Card Multi-Tool: Clamshell: Click here to see packaging options Send to a Friend Print this Page Swiss+Tech (Image 1 of 2) (Image 2 of 2) Intended Use. Your 10-in-1 credit card sized multi-tool is slim, portable and fits in your wallet. Wallet Ninja 2.0 (Advanced 20-in-1 Multitool, Now with Mirror + Nail File) (Black) 4.4 out of 5 stars 206. Ended: 02 Dec, 2020 18:50:38 GMT. This compact multi-tool is designed to fit inside your wallet so it can always be on hand. 2nd Imprint location goes on … De 11 in 1 multi gereedschap creditcard helpt je op weg met maar liefst 11 verschillende tools. Huge convention in Vegas last week so we gave pretty much all the cards out and will be looking to order more soon! Of course, there are many tools that take the shape of a credit card in the market. These images are intended for the publication of information releated to the Swiss+Tech ® product only. This multi-tool is thin enough to fit alongside your credit cards and cash, allowing you to bring tools out with you every day. Pocket tool set with credit card size, easily put into a wallet or pocket. Colored Folding Credit Card Knife. Solution: SUPRA is a Credit card-shaped multitool that offers several convenient tools and features in a compact design … MyLowes Sign In. Shop multi-tools and a variety of tools products online at