Yikes. Her future was bleak, her blood will be sucked dry, and then she will be hung. Ah well! Thanks a lot JB for recapping, although I complain I still love CS. How many candles are on a Hanukkah menorah? The script writer wanted to tell so many things - love between sisters, DS and EJ's fartherly love, DS and KS 's love story, KS and EJ's motherly love, business competition between DS and Hong Ju, Hong Ju's family competition and lastly the love lines between KH and HS and between KH and EJ. Will HS die of cancer? Kthxbai.”). Tags: Chun Jung-myung, Cinderella's Sister, Lee Mi-sook, Moon Geun-young, Seo Woo, Taecyeon, Your email address will not be published. i curse the morons who messed with what could have been a great drama. Wait, so she did have an affair with Jang ajjusshi? Is he a well-known PD? Read Next → Translation Only Sense Online WN 110. Like Ki Hoon said, she's good at warming people's hearts...but is she sincere? Ugly and her mean daughters. At the end, her step sister isn’t so mean afterall. its just so angsty and sad that when i read the recaps i feel it. Too bad she hasn’t figured out that she’s actually inviting the worst. Cinderella III: A Twist in Time Edit. Anyway, it was quite a lengthy message to all the fans that showed how much drama has been going on behind the scene. Originally a plain-looking person compared to my sister and sister-in-law, I didn’t go out to social gatherings very often, and my daily routine was to read the books I borrowed from the library. Eun-jo goes through the motions of reading, but she’s fixated on his contact and comments that she sure laughed a lot. Read Next → Translation Only Sense Online WN 110. Don’t do a thing. Don’t compare this drama to Cinderella fairytale guys and girls. I am so happy that you found my slipper. Leading her family out on a shopping trip, the Stepmother is soon asked by her daughters, Minerva and Calliope, to choose which one an unusual purple hat looks best on. lived, never to be involved in the life of Cinderella and the Good I am not in the complaining majority and I can enjoy the drama more (especially the interraction between the sisters and HS and KS). *SPOILER ALERT* Suddenly Hyo-sun starts moaning in her sleep, saying in a pained voice, “Don’t… don’t run away” while tears fall from her eyes. No it should be "Cinderella and her enermies" since everyone around her cheated her and in some way, caused her father's death. What does contingent mean in real estate? Cinderella is a musical composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber that was scheduled premiere in the West End in 2020; due to the COVID-19 pandemic, West End theatre re-openings are to be announced. Ki-hoon takes the elevator down, and sure enough, when the doors open, there she is in front of him. 1.4 Hello, I’m Cinderella’s Sister, and I Reluctantly Decided to Marry the Prince. You know: a kiss ... Read more. Cinderella’s Step-sister: Part 1 Posted by Kora October 3, 2020 October 4, 2020 Posted in Cinderella Step-sister Tags: Another world , Doting after marriage start , Happy ending , Japanese light novel , Light novel , Love comedy , Magic aristocrats , romance , Slightly unrequited love , Status difference , Translation So what action will cinderella’s father take since he overheard the conversation? version : 'v2.2' // use version 2.2 I’m calling it karma, lady. This is twisted story of Cinderella story. When Eun-jo arrives at the winery, she hears the unexpected sound of laughter coming from the storeroom, where she sees Ki-hoon tasting makgulli with a woman. As my mother.”. *SPOILER ALERT* And no one know whether the message is geniune or not. The girl who appeared so dashingly at the ball and was subsequently chosen by the prince— was none other than my stepsister, Ella! Getting no response, she seeks out Jung-woo to tell him urgently that Jang ajusshi mustn’t — mustn’t! So I guessed the PD's message is true in some way. Kang-sook complies, and Eun-jo leaves the room, her suspicions assuaged for now. of course, the first 4 episodes were the best but i dont feel majorly unhappy with it or anything But how could she curse her brother — her father’s son? Something uplifting had happened. If I didn’t see him for a short while and then saw him suddenly, I was happy as though seeing him for the first time in a million years. English; 中文(简体) Русский Grit and ruthless willpower. I have to say i loved this episode. Do you think I’d forgive you? 15 the scences with EJ meeting the first time KJ had more chemistry than the scenes EJ/KH all the 14 episode before. Drama: Cinderella's Stepsister (English title) / Cinderella's Sister (literal title) Revised romanization: Sinderella Eonni Hangul: 신데렐라 언니 Director: Kim Young-Jo, Kim Won-Suk Writer: Kim Kyu-Wan Network: KBS2 Episodes: 20 Release Date: March 31 - June 3, 2010 Runtime: Wed. & Thurs. Gaiden (WN) I am a Duchess who has Rewound Nine Times, but my Tenth Life Seems to be a Reward Mode (WN) I, a Witch, am Requested by My Crush to Make Him a Love Potion. can't wait!!!! She tells Ki-hoon that the job change is good for him — he should have been working for a big company to start with. Thank you for the recap!! However, it seems like the stepsister character is becoming more and more redundant, the character prince KH has been ruined and the character prince JW has been ignored. Lahlita, I was about to make a huge statement about Ki Jung's sexiness, but you said it all for me, thank you :D. I've been seeing a lot of people saying that they're tired of this drama; but I'm not. The piggyback ride is so often used to convey romantic subtext that I really like the dissonance this creates in this moment, because both ladies would really not prefer to be in this situation. I'm just waiting for the drama to finish completely before picking up where I left off to save myself from pulling my hair out. haha, ok ok wishful thinking on my part that this show will branch out and surprise us somehow.. Ah but all said and done, I'm still the sucker who sits around with viikii on my laptop screen waiting for the next ep. There are hundreds of birds singing on it. 1 votes : 5 / 5. }); As for Eun-jo and Ki-hoon...igh. So one can only imagine the incredible discomfort and enmity that these two feel between them, along every point of contact. Sinopsis Cinderella’s Stepsister: Song Eun-jo (Moon Geun Young), yang selama ini tinggal dengan ibunya (dan juga kekasih ibunya), akhirnya mendapat keluarga baru dan rumah setelah ibunya menikah lagi dengan seorang pria kaya yang memiliki sejenis usaha anggur tradisional. It is to your credit that even though I'm only "watching" this drama through your site, I'm getting an intensely visceral experience from your words and the images you've captured. and the title is so good to work with. # "It Has To Be You" - Super Junior YeSung # Theme song of Korean drama "Cinderella's Sister" # Download MV HD720/MP4: http://www.mediafire.com/?dzmnwdeczzo Hyo-sun finds Kang-sook packing kimbap rolls in the kitchen, and pops a piece into her mouth. OK, lastly for realz [WARNING: fan-girl ahead] I am bothered by how outrageously attractive I find Ki-jung. I loved all the little nods to the many different versions of the well known Cinderella stories - clearly Jennifer Donnelly has done her research. didnt get to read that message and never knew it existed but that is an interesting tidbit. I wouldn't want to be caught in any sort of tangle with her! I'm always so drain after watching CS. Their characters are being damaged. Upon Eun-jo’s entrance, they stop arguing and Hyo-sun smiles at Eun-jo, then shoots Kang-sook a look designed to say, “You’d better play along or I’ll make you regret it.”. “Oh no”, said the older stepsister when she heard the news, “not another boring party! They were brilliant in this episode. i totally loved hyo sun in this episode but from all the dragging and stuff i couldn't get myself to sympathies or to connect with her emotions . Thanks Noypi! Last, but certainly not least, can I just say that I am loving the Eun-jo/Ki-jung dymanic? Liu Yu woke up and discovered that she had transmigrated into the novel she read before she went to sleep.She became the vicious stepsister of Cinderella, the protagonist. this is one of the boring drama so far in 2010...plus...very unmatched couple/pairing in this drama... thanks JB for the recap 1 votes : 5 / 5. She is found and comforted by Cinderella, who offers to help her stepsister change for the better and win the baker's heart. @ 5 var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; now i know the change in all the character, i want to move on. Kang-sook screams that Hyo-sun is a freaky ghost-like (as in scary, not as in dead) girl, but Hyo-sun glares fiercely and tells her that she ain’t going nowhere, nuh-uh — she’s going to stay right where she is and live under Hyo-sun’s thumb: “If I wanted to see you running away, I would have kicked you out. man oh man i think i know what you feel. the 2nd interesting part is the EJ+HS relation.. i dont really care about the EJ+KH anymore.. Yeah, I heard that the people who were investing in it wanted more Seo Woo scenes, and then the director got upset because they were messing up everything he planned. and yes JB! It’s too bad they never did one when Dad was alive, but it’s better late than never. She’d be a fool to sell now, wouldn’t she? If this shift in family dynamics had come at the midpoint, I think I would have been a lot more excited about the dramatic possibilities, but since it comes after so much dragging of feet, it loses a lot of its potential. nevertheless i still do appreciate a ploty plot kind of thing. Hyo-sun casually asks about this man named Jang, wondering if Eun-jo’s absolutely certain that there’s nobody like that in Kang-sook’s family. HS reaaallly freaked me out. As I have mentioned in comment #23, the drama is named "Cinderella's Sister" which gives viewers the impression that the story should be about the stepsister, so the drama should focus most on the growth and development of the stepsister character whereas the other characters' development should somehow be affecting and be affected by the stepsister's growth. The KBS2 Wednesday-Thursday drama “Cinderella’s Stepsister” has drawn its curtain with a happy ending, contrary to wide expectations that it would meet a sad ending. woah! But the cinematography of a few important scenes (e.g. total epic fail of the year!!! Just another WordPress.com site. Stepsister 1: Which is why it’s so important sometimes to stop and think about why we are behaving in a particular way. No more Ki-hoon rants from me, I promise! It’s an affectionate term meaning older sister which Cinderella gleefully applies to a stepsister who doesn’t want to hear it. THE STEPSISTER’S TALE is an absolutely wonderful and imaginative retelling of the classic fairy tale. Cinderealla's sister has become a supporting character it seems. He is Chance … like THE Chance. so i'm not the only one who keep going huhhh to his character, knowing he's suddenly a Crucial Role but not knowing why. since the scriptwriter just disappoints me over and over again. So keep that mouth shut. I think you may have misunderstood a little what Judy and I were frustrated about. A splendid transformation :). I gave up on Ki-hoon and Eun-jo ages ago, so I'm always irritated when Eun-jo gets jealous or is sad that he's leaving. He already has a child with the women! xfbml : true, // parse social plugins on this page So, Seo Woo really brought it in this episode, didn't she? Her screams, her glares, her actions seriously scare the hell out of me (great acting there) but her tears just didn't manage to touch my heart. something more upbeat. 2013 Cheil Worldwide Brand Film : Cinderella's Stepsister. I’ll come see you soon, so don’t say it now.”, Ki-hoon drops in on Ki-jung to ask his brother to tell him how far he’s going to take this, which seems like a pretty naive thing for him to do. I guess it’s a good thing Koreans aren’t as into restraining orders as us litigious Yanks. Connect with Facebook I feel that Ki Hoon is seriously annoying the crap out of me and Eun Jo is not progressing as much as she should... it's frustrating but I guess I'm still enjoying it. Finally, you have come to your senses.”. even the colours seen in the scene makes me dull and sad and weary. Good Guys or the Bad Guys? window.fbAsyncInit = function() { Karmic Trickster: The Fairy Godmother enjoys using her magic to play pranks on Cinderella's stepmother and stepsister, to make them look foolish and to avenge their abuse of Cinderella. Why don't libraries smell like bookstores? I'm just in town for the Ki-jung Platter. She adds, “You’ve given me the strength to rise back up.” In fact, if her yeast is worth the amount he offered, then its market value is several times that. Anyway, all the main female characters are the best in this drama. sooo... i wonder if the ending of the show is gonna be like sad and angsty too. Cinders, a hip, contemporary, but kind of lazy nickname for “Cinderella,” is… a hip, contemporary, but kind of lazy re-telling of the classic fairytale in visual novel form. The person you should beg to is DEAD, so why are you acting like this to me? FB.init({ Sorry for being so harsh! “You’re a hundred times scarier than I am, do you know that?!”. js = d.createElement(s); js.id = id; She orders her to rest up and wait for the doctor, while Kang-sook keeps watch. Jung-woo assures her that he won’t, that he made clear that if he ever needs money, he will call Jung-woo instead of Eun-jo. Hyo-sun gets on the bus, panting and glowering. And poor JW, now I understand what Taecyeon meant when he said he's really not part of the love quadruple, he's just kind of there. Mar 8, 2020 - Explore Hayashi Lim's board "Cinderella Stepsisters" on Pinterest. The spoilers of this drama are usually the only scenes/airtime between KH and EJ in each episodes. What happened to Chun Jung Myung's beautiful eyes in this episode?! In her room, Hyo-sun tells a photo of her father that she was about to ask how Kang-sook could do such a thing to him, and that she could have kicked her out. Hyo-sun relays the message that Ki-jung wants to meet Eun-jo, and her new change in attitude doesn’t appear to extend to her sister. Shooting Kang-sook a venomous look, she starts throwing Kang-sook’s clothing and even chucks a suitcase at her, screaming, “Get out!”. Thus Kang-sook carries Hyo-sun home. However, HS has now become central to this drama and nearly every storyline revolves around her - which led me to concluding that the drama should have been titled "Cinderella and her stepsister". This drama had a lot of potential but too bad, but oh on a last note, Seo Woo doing this 180 deg role change - she is FRIKKIN SCARY. He calls back to tell the man that he WILL meet with him, because he refuses to give up until he gets his meeting. Even today i wander in my memory I’m pasing around on the end of this way You’re still holding me tightly, even though i can’t see you any more I’m losing my way again I’m praying to the sky i want see you and hold you more that i want to see you and hold… Perihal; the story of us. Hello, I’m Cinderella’s Sister, and I Reluctantly Decided to Marry the Prince (WN) Because I had too Much Strength, I became an Adventurer’s Bag Carrier (WN) Completed Translations. In the past there was a balance between the two, while EJ seemed to be the heroine, HS was always there. Lee Chae-young shares what she looks for in a role, non-acting interests, and more, Baek Bo-ram shares her fitness and happiness rituals, Comedian Jang Do-yeon talks de-stressing and some of her current joys in life, Ham Eun-jung talks about what roles she'd like to tackle and her fans, Oh Chang-seok talks about role prep and wisdom for budding actors, Im Jung-eun talks about her rookie days, inspiration, and marriage, Jo Yeo-jung talks work ethics, inspiration, and Parasite, Park Sun-ho talks drama recommendations, singing, and more in this latest Ask an Actor video, You Who Forgot Poetry's Lee Yubi talks about her desert island essentials, poetry, and acting, [2020 Year in Review] Of tiger moths and civil servants, Shin Mina, Kim Sun-ho courted for new tvN drama Mr. Hong, Lee Do-hyun, Go Min-shi to star in new KBS romance, Premiere Watch: Lovestruck in the City, Secret Royal Investigator, [2020 Year in Review] Highlights in dark times, Drama viewership ratings for the week of Dec. 14-20, 2020. You can practically see the thought bubble forming above Ki-jung’s head that reads “Fuuu…uuu…c….k…” just as Eun-jo thanks him again, then adds, “I won’t forget what you have done to us, not a single thing. I’m still watching and enjoying the acting, but I started to check out emotionally with all the stalemating going on a few episodes ago, and this isn’t enough to bring me back to enthusiastic levels. Even KJ has more important scenes than JW. they probably have the most tired tear ducts out of all the actors in the drama industry right now. I’ve been spoiled by shows like Story of A Man, where the schemes and business machinations were a whole lotta fun to watch unfold. Still speaking in that polite, calm tone (despite the death glares leveled Mom-ward when the latter isn’t looking), Hyo-sun suggests getting a family photo taken. The young man turned out to be the reincarnation of the God of Light! Likes. A character like KS could have become a one dimensional caricature of an evil stepmother but LMS brought some complexity to it, making us ACTUALLY sympathising her(even if its only for a few fleeting moments). Now finding out that there was a change of director, it makes sense. An hour later, Jung-woo looks at her worriedly, urging her to move or do something. Perhaps those are the ones he did? Perfect for younger children, this book offers something that will interest most minds. Too bad because the actress is as good as MGY. I fear that this drama never had enough plot in the makgulli wars, because I just don’t think they’re very interesting. More Ki-jung! @ 3 the first 4 ep were the BEST EVER !! However some points that seem essential to answering the question were written sloppily and hence the essay seems to be going awfully off point. Hyo-sun’s feigned warmth scares Kang-sook — it makes Hyo-sun seem erratic and unpredictable — and she watches warily as Hyo-sun plays with Jun-su. had potential but it wan't properly utilised.. stank! The moment I stepped on the ladder, the feeling of drifting disappeared. Therefore they are so into EJ with every men in the drama that when it does not happen like they want they complain and talk about overrated 1-4 episodes. js.src = "//connect.facebook.net/en_US/sdk.js"; How about Mr Jang? worst decision ever. After Eun-jo leaves, Hyo-sun kicks Kang-sook’s hand away and scowls at her. That was enough for me. However, at Episode 15, I’ve pretty much given up hoping for progress from these people. *SPOILER ALERT* holy smokes loving the vicious hyo-sun!!! Read about Cinderella's Sister episode 17 spoiler on http://www.allkoreangossip.com, It has been an extremely reliable CS spoiler source for me so far. Role in the Film. or do the latter just write the lines and flesh it out? This peace would be broken anyway, so I didn’t believe in it. Ironic that they should pose as a happy family now, after the illusion has been stripped away. Eun-jo has grown up with a chronic golddigger mother and her string of scumbag boyfriends. arrived at Cinderella’s house. How long will the footprints on the moon last? And there’s one more thing that’s weird… Did she know that Ki-hoon is the youngest son in that Hong family? — appear again, ever. Ah, whatever, this is just a scene to get Ki-hoon to freak out about being caught chatting it up with Big Bro, as he does when Ki-jung says with false concern that he’d better leave before Eun-jo arrives. So desperate is she that she asks hopefully, “Could you do that?” She then tries to convince herself that this is a good thing for them all, although she fools nobody. Is he a well-known PD? Hyo-sun: “Are you going to beg for my forgiveness, Mom? then again, it is nearly the end. Anyway, everyone noticed that the drama has a complete change of style/direction after episode 4. How about KH's brother and father? Eun-jo expects Hyo-sun to come with her to meet Ki-jung, but Hyo-sun plans to stay at home because it seems Mom needs her. I've already seen this episode, but reading the recap was still exciting for me, thats how much awesomeauce this show contains. God, Buddha, thank you for showing me this now. They said that he was making too fairytale-like and that wasn't what they were aiming for. I'm a bit surprised Eunjo never googled Kihoon while he was gone for those 8 years and try to find some information about him. from the early episodes, i've sense the innocent of this cute innocent puppy would turn out to be complex and interesting. I hope this director can focus on love stories drama in the future.". Did she do more? However, another version of the stepsister from the Disney film, Anastasia, is not related to Cinderella and instead has a separate stepsister with a storyline that parallels Cinderella's. JW is just kind of there (waiting around the corner?). thanks javabeans! And now a new line between HS and KS and also HS's illness. *SPOILER ALERT* Don’t do a thing." *SPOILER ALERT* But seeing many compliments about her acting in the crying scenes, I'm starting to think maybe I have a heart made out of stone. The standard is even better than a lot of the movies. Come on, just give us that happy ending already and at least let us be happy for the four remaining episodes. However Anastasia doesn't love the Prince because she knows he and Cinderella were meant to be and decides to make her own happy ending. That sends shivers down my spine. No wonder in my opinion HS is more interesting than EJ. I’ve never been afraid of either God or Buddha, but that girl who’s barely been a puppy for a day now bares her teeth. Javabeans did you read about the whole drama that went on @ DC with the PD? The standard is even better than a lot of the movies. On top of that, they have a buyer — Ki-hoon has managed to persuade their Japanese contact to buy from them instead of Hong Ju. Cinders, a hip, contemporary, but kind of lazy nickname for “Cinderella,” is… a hip, contemporary, but kind of lazy re-telling of the classic fairytale in visual novel form. that was definitely some bloody good acting! READ REPORT ERROR REPORT DMCA. Next to my mother and sister, who were crouching on the ground shedding bitter tears, such were my thoughts. She’s so wrapped up in her thoughts that she steps into the elevator right in front of Ki-hoon and doesn’t even notice him. More Ki-jung! LMS is always a goddess--that's a given--but Seo Woo really gave her a run for her money this time around. and maybe they might have developed a better pairing with Eun-jo/Ki-jung because they to me have more of a chemistry than i seen with her and ki-hoon. He has fudged with the wrong woman, and now she is going to Bring The Pain. The same bus stop where Dae-sung had once come to stop her from leaving, where she now sobs to herself. i still really love this drama She became the vicious stepsister of Cinderella, the protagonist. don't attract attention'? Its veteran and seasoned actors like her that increases the watchablity of dramas. the most powerful so far. i, too enjoyed the more fairytale feel that the initial director brought to this drama and moreover it was what i expected. }); However, she does notice the oddness of Hyo-sun oversalting her food as though it’s nothing. Required fields are marked *. At the end, her step sister isn’t so mean afterall. *SPOILER ALERT*, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fZYmr9uUtmk, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m3z3jxo36BU, *SPOILER ALERT* I'm getting exhausted over the drama already- it was interesting up until episode 4 now it's has just become draggy and the story line is getting Nowhere. The title of this essay should have been "Cinderella and her stepsister" or maybe "Cinderella and her family", since the writer devotes so much time and effort on developing the character Cinderella and indeed, the paragraphs involving Cinderella's growing-up story were nicely written. Some viewers in Bai du joked that this drama is like a daily series - for its slowness. In actuality, Hyo-sun stands outside the door, poised to enact her imaginary scenario, but finally turns and leaves. Yet when Eun-jo tastes it, it makes her gag. Posted by Antoinette Vanessa on November 21, 2020 2 Comments. Kang-sook runs, Hyo-sun runs after her, and the tussle sends them both slipping on the rough grass and rolling in the dirt path. Back then, it would have mattered — it would have been a game-changer — and I would have sat up and taken notice. I enjoyed her acting very much. User Rating. Make social videos in an instant: use custom templates to tell the right story for your business. Hyo-sun limps behind her mother, her feet paining her. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not in a negative way. Download the latest version here. Hyo-sun bursts out that if not for Jun-su, she’d do just that. And that's why the first 4 episodes were amazing and the rest of it isn't as great. Edit Translation. 10.7K. But imagine if Hyo-sun vowed revenge at the end of Episode 8, or even 10 — then her decision would’ve elicited an “Ohh, shit” reaction from me (and I suspect, a lot of other viewers). Ki-hoon joins Eun-jo to give her the documents regarding the estimated costs. Stepsister 2: It is my slipper. When the original film ended, the fate of the stepmother and two Hello Select your address Best Sellers Today's Deals New Releases Electronics Books Customer Service Gift Ideas Home Computers Gift Cards Subscribe and save Sell jung woo... can stay as he is. READ REPORT ERROR REPORT DMCA. ep 1- chasing scenes, ep 3 - EJ ah under the moonlight, ep 4 - the storeroom scene, ep 6 - the scene tha EJ was drunk and slept in the storeroom, ep 8 - JW's running scene and ep 15 - crying scenes between EJ and KH) are really nice and romantic. The story got a good start in the beginning episodes but turned completely strange. Maybe this is the style of this script writer. Please enter your username or email address. However, I do have complaints about Seo Woo's acting. As I have mentioned in comment #23, the drama is named "Cinderella's Sister" which gives viewers the impression that the story should be about the stepsister, so the drama should focus most on the growth and development of the stepsister character whereas the other characters' development should somehow be affecting and be affected by the stepsister's growth. What will she do? I don’t want to drive her away so simply. Apparently he posted a long message on there explaining to fans about what's going on with the show (though it has now been deleted). AudioPlayer.embed("audioplayer_1", {soundFile:"aHR0cDovL3d3dy5kcmFtYWJlYW5zLmNvbS93cC1jb250ZW50L3NvbmdzLzEwL2QvUnVtYmxlRmlzaF9vZWpqb2ppLm1wMw"}); After reading her father’s journals, Hyo-sun throws open the doors and storms into her mother’s room. So the lesson for me is to avoid this script writer going forward. Every once in a while, the Bad Guy gets some secret help from an invisible machine that does its magic voodoo and gains ground for its side, until the Good Guys pull back. I loved this episode very much, as finally Seo Woo had more scenes. I was lost. Copyright © 2020 Multiply Media, LLC. How about KS? However Anastasia doesn't love the Prince because she knows he and Cinderella were meant to be and decides to make her own happy ending. It tells the story of Cinders – a beautiful young woman with big ambitions who lives with, and is held down by, her stepmother and two stepsisters. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. whether the pd or the scriptwriters, i wish they'd have enough, i don't know, integrity in their work to keep believing in the original vision they come up with, instead of shifting it around to suit viewers on whim. I love to hate KS.. she's really a brilliant actress.. the strongest point of this drama is the superb acting.. and it compensate the slowness of its plot somehow.. what? fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs); Disney will release "Cinderella" on Blu-ray for the first time on 10/2/2012. "I am not sure if CS’s PD has any responsibility for the strange development of this drama. Download the latest version. do with him... i'm sensing that all hell will break loose next episode!!! Cinderella's Stepsister (Korean: 신데렐라 언니; RR: Sinderella Eonni; lit. The moment I was about to open my mouth to fully acknowledge Princess Priscilla’s story– Then, she blamed Eun Jo for her dad's death and hated her, but she still wanted sympathy from her. Hyo-sun will not allow that, as she explains in a calm, almost friendly tone that makes the harshness of the words that much more unnerving. I think the problem I have with most of CS's fans too is since they are sometimes biased toward MGY and EJ, they want EJ with every men in the drama. Hello Select your address Best Sellers Today's Deals New Releases Electronics Books Customer Service Gift Ideas Home Computers Gift Cards Subscribe and save Sell