... We offer plain or rabbeted edge bevel in Western Red Cedar, Eastern White Pine or Cypress. It is produced by re-sawing lumber at an angle to produce two pieces thicker on one edge than the other. Cement and weather according to are and resinfree. The wood is taken from the very best heartwood and clear grades of cedar, so its aesthetics and durability are unsurpassed. ... (T&G), bevel, Dutch lap, cove, shiplap and channel rustic. The most expensive installation is usually when it is a part of a package deal from a retailer or designer. Inventory is sold and received continuously throughout the day; therefore, the quantity shown may not be available when you get to the store. Installing cedar bevel siding on a house with a simple footprint such as a square or rectangle with just four corners costs less in materials and labor than installation of cedar bevel siding on a home with more corners. For gables, you can multiply the base by the height which will give you excess material that can be saved for potential repairs in the future. Figure 1-2 years with Transparent finish, 2-5 with Semi-transparent, 4-7 with Semi-solid, 7-10 with solid and up to 25 years with primer and paint. Price per Linear Foot $ 1.75; Bevel Cedar Siding 1/2 x 6 Clear Price per Linear Foot $ 2.65; Bevel Cedar Siding 1 x 8 Clear Price per Linear Foot $ 5.35; Bevel Cedar Siding 1 x 6 Knotty Price per Linear Foot $ 1.65; Bevel Cedar Siding 1 x 8 Knotty Price per Linear Foot $ 2.40; Bevel Cedar Siding 1 x 10 Wavey Edge Price per Linear Foot $ 4.20 Also, tongue and groove siding costs more than beveled siding from some sellers. This gorgeous wood cladding isn’t cheap siding, but it has many advantages discussed on our Cedar Siding Pros & Cons page. ... Beveled Cedar siding 5 Piece 8'X8"X11/16" 1 Piece 6'X8"X11/16. Our site caters to both homeowners and professional home improvement contractors, providing everyone the ability to review, research, and compare all types of projects around a home, apartment or condo. Conditions the other agerelated deterioration installing new siding. The finish price includes your cedar wood siding plus one coat factory stained or primed. Western Red Cedar bevel siding is the most widely-used siding type. The other face is smooth or saw textured depending on the grade and customer preference. The height of the gables: Most building codes require a roof to have a pitch of at least 3/12 or 4/12, pitches that aren’t very steep. SBS – Spenard Builders Supply: $3.50-$6.00 Cedar Siding Costs. Share - 1x8 Western Cedar Rough Sawn Bevel Siding -WE SHIP FREE SAMPLES. Bathroom Vanity Light Fixtures…Up or Down!? Also, tongue and groove siding costs more than beveled siding from some sellers. Materials alone run an average of $5,000 for 1,500 square feet. Please Note: Prices, promotions, styles and availability may vary by store and online. The bevel siding is horizontally installed and gives a shadow line which changes with the thickness of the selected siding. Opacity determines the longevity of your finish. Bevel Cedar Siding Prices. The siding installation prices are in square feet of wall space, not floor space. $3.00/ Linear Foot Weathered Silver Grey Pine. Spruce, Western Red Cedar, Weathered Silver/Grey Pine (V-Groove 1 side) 2"x6" - (Actual: 1-1/2"x5" Face) $1.53/ Linear Foot Spruce. The shape of your home: The more corners your home has, the higher the cost of installation will be. x 144 in. All our products are kiln dried and are available in random lengths 8’ to 16’. Finger-joined bevel siding is available in lengths up to 16 feet and provides the handsome appearance and all-weather performance of premium cedar siding. Cheaper options such … Beveled cedar siding price, cedar lap style siding beveled cedar shingle siding western red cedar bevel siding prices east tennessee building materials. Cedar bevel siding costs range from $3 to $15 a square foot, depending on the color, treatment, and grade. Bevel Cedar Siding is the most widely-used siding profile in Canada. These are premium products, and they cost more. Since they are produced in a controlled factory environment, the construction is often superior to what can be achieved when individual cedar shingles and shakes are installed. Much of the cedar siding sold in home improvement stores is generic in that the brand isn’t emphasized or even mentioned in the sales information. Homeowners across the US report spending $6-7.5 per square foot on medium grade cedar lap style siding, including materials and installation. $2500 ORDER MINIMUM. I've been using these gauges to install 1x8 cedar bevel siding (about 500 s.f. Below are some samples of the available Western Red Cedar siding products including dimensions and current pricing. is a store exclusive item and only able to be bought in a Home Depot store. Actual costs will depend on job size, conditions, and options. The most popular dimensions for both horizontal and vertical siding are 1×6, 1×8, 1×10 and 1×12. simple Ranch/Cape style home. We’ve covered the cost of cedar siding material. No jokes please, the thick edge is called the “butt”. These accessories include fasteners and all trim to surround openings, complete the tops of walls and cover fascia. Inventory is sold and received continuously throughout the day; therefore, the quantity shown may not be available when you get to the store.