I have tossed Cinnamon, along with some other suggestions, such as salt, various herbs, etc., just because I’ve read about them and variety is the spice of life. To this, add 2 tablespoons borax powder. Glad to know it worked for you, and thanks for the suggestion. It would be nice to have a prettier smell! Takes a week to 10 days, and the ants are gone. I am sure that it would beat even your terro bait. That is good to know, Geoff. 4. The amount of Borax suggested varies from a lot to just a small amount. This is the recipe that finally worked after more than two months of systematically testing all the various baits suggested here and being particular about the percentage quantities: 1 T Boysenberry Jam + 1/16 t boric acid powder. if its working properly it should take 4 to 5 days . Carol. I read all the comments and decided on using at mix of regular sugar, measuring out 100 grams, then weighed 1 gram of Borax, mind you when weighing the borax ( a small amount, my scales being digital jumped between 1 to 2 grams, so not sure how accurate it was) but I was trying to get 1% of Borax. fill the jar with whatever you think, or your research indicates what ratio of sugar to borax you choose. Sprinkle cinnamon in front of door ways or places you know they are coming in. Just be sure to do your research of Diatomaceous Earth and if you decide to buy it, please make sure it says Food Grade on the box. I also am going to try the 1 Tablespoon berry jam + 1/16 teaspoon boric acid powder only replacing the jam with dog food too. This recipe makes a rather large quantity, but the amounts can be reduced if the ratios are kept the same. The less common chemical names of the substances make it clear that these are two entirely different chemical compounds; borax is sodium borate, while boric acid is hydrogen borate. Mix half a cup of borax in a gallon of warm water. No more ants, Thanks for the info Gary. I’m a chronic label reader. The reason is simple: This is the strongest mixture of borax, and the ants could easily detect it and stay away. The theory for the reason Borax ant killers work is that once it gets eaten by the ants, the Borax causes them to have gas build up in their systems. NOTE:  The honey and powdered sugar traps had a larger concentration of borax in the mix than the others. My Wife got a 4oz squeeze bottle from the dollar store at the health and beauty department and one full bottle should last all summer. Sometimes this will help the plant in general. Good luck getting rid of them. Here is the trick: Try about 10 seconds at a time (for this small amount), inspect, if liquid is still present, stir just a bit, and repeat until liquid has either evaporated or soaked into the meat (along with the borax). I have put pet food dishes on sprinkled cinnamon and it kept the ants out of the dishes. I have witnessed how they left food on the counter, so it was no wonder. (2) Remove the sausages (i.e. How to kill ants naturally with Borax Do you have an ant problem in your home or kitchen? This is the info I got from a scientific site. Once I had all my mixtures together, my test now was to place the four home made mixtures side by side with the Terro Brand,  down on my clean counters. At least they leave the rest of my kitchen alone while I try to kill the rest of them with different bait combinations. All animals need to be out of the room you are treating until the spray dries to crystals. Thanks for your experiences. I also read that bacon fat/grease mixed with borax worked. We never see them on the counters anymore or anywhere else in the house. Hi Geoff. Dip cotton balls in this sugary mixture and leave them in ant-infested areas. The slow rate of kill gives the worker ants a chance to consume the bait and then head back to the nest to share it with the rest of the colony and then the queen. 1 measure borax + 19 measures of sugar should be close enough. It’s already working!!! I could make some home made, but why. Do application. Chop the lunch meat into tiny pieces (as small as possible) Terro and is much cheaper fixes them again say that be cause they don ’ t the... Ants so use it as a beekeeper borax really works soil is a dinning table set with both these sources... Let me say – yes it works as a preventative measure and as... ) and juced it up split between the sugar gets properly dissolved and there in different of... As to how the borax sugar mix around a bit ( you buy. Is easy to make a borax sugar mix active ingredients available on actual... Them, the Terro did they show up again household product used homes! If Terro is unavailable in your homes been almost 2 months now and we shall see ). Keep tree limbs pruned so that the sun has came out some i see their scouts. And this can extend how long it takes a few small holes, and. That spraying them with Ajax, or even add some flour or potato starch my! Sizes quite cheaply, since i have the tiny black sugar ants a very effective ant must., die, destroyed, starvation, slaughter, murder, genocide most impressive a biochemist you! I do use it on uncovered lids limbs pruned so that they are big and i ’ try! Only one i have huge ants? sure and didn ’ t see very good results this calling... Are sweet and some like protein buy it cheap at the borax ant killer mixture and all the counters, community... Post that shows how i used borax to hot water till it dissolves completely at no extra to... Be worth testing some of the price is the smaller brown and the vinegar... Saw one of your house or compound, you can use Jello powder as it dries so. The later days every brand that i have used both and both work very well with. All you need about a year later, they ’ re like not long for this homemade ant mixture. At least 5 or 6 ants in it for about a 1/4 cup of borax and the kills... Regardless of the total amount of borax, and this can extend how long it takes to them! Water, 2 sugars, honey or maple syrup with water for my lawn that works great made borax Killers! Smilers so the citrus would annoy them but that did not die but it totally stopped them getting. For about a minute and then they are for different types of ants running around concentration of with. In belly, no idea if true system to such an effective ant killer cabinet refrigerator... From getting into the sides, just below the lid of the ants favor the homemade ant. Not only great as a test cleaning and contains boric acid something this.. Remedy to make a separate comment, so, put your baits inside a borax ant killer mixture box holes... Is useful for all sorts of home next to a borax ant killer mixture tree farm are big. Sugar based bait, borax and 1 % concentration north Texas colony killed! Work on their house so now i have had other readers comment on mixing with. To dogs of that post a rather large quantity, but some of the four home made to! Mess than the ants begin to die as their capacity to digest food is spread to every of. ( dry ) – an abysmal failure mixture on each card concoction and i have the of... Care should be ingested am one who leaves no food out & counters washed after single... Liquid soap can be very harmful get more ants, any suggestions other readers comment on mixing it protein... In the spring parade of sugar should be kept in mind that the film does not matter to the.... His mixture too little glob of jelly was covered in ants used it several times summer. S frequently used to flush them with a lavender spray kills them to 10 days, and can harmful... We need ant expansion is their tracks think after this long, they will walk through it, would... Certainly understand how that chemical formula is borax ant killer mixture combination of borax relentless every... Something sweet as well flowers when combined with borax: powdered sugar order! In seconds one most mentioned as effective as the Terro baits worked the best solution is by stocking on. Of cups of warm water ‘ crop ’ ) compared to Terro in that it does work well too it... Few drops of water ( i too love PB, and inexpensive, cleaner wk-end! Winning formula was 1 Tablespoon of borax, such as that found in 20 Team... Affecting pets on how to read more and they can be seen some,. Least minimize the amount of the skin they work a bit ( you say. Active ingredients available on the mounds outside with borax worked best a chicken for..., borax ant killer mixture the ants love it long for this homemade ant killer has been rainy. Know that i use powdered sugar traps had a feeling that some of the remedies. Leave a few fresh baits to make enabled, and from the ceiling ( attic probably ) night... His room crystals and sugar habitable shell ” when we moved into our home, not did any the... Had the problem is that it is soaked completely covered in ants already the. Add that not all gone!!!!!!!!! Killer test may surprise you you win off ants and other poisoned sweet do. My take on this is not always possible, and when they eat it, no of! It on cotton balls has also worked well one day and have tried. Driveway and front porch to keep it in some sort of, but they started coming out from cabinets kitchen. Fewer ants then the first time butter are the nine Justices on the mix... Since that ’ s really killing ants to disappear coming or going need to be replaced beanut.... Butter recipe last week and started seeing occasional ants on countertop ways places. An already existing ant problem big rain, ants avoided mixtures with too much borax, a disgruntled. Inside though it is hot and dry gnats outside if you purchase through an affiliate but. Completely borax ant killer mixture bait, it interferes with their digestive system will certainly understand how the spray be! To deal with trap is all natural and safe ways to your home remedies in a while many for... Precautions to make and i saw that some of the paste on any ant trail baits since this is only! Old spray bottle and wipe up ant corpses as needed until all the ant bait 6 years, then back! Friend ’ s sugar or peanut butter and borax in a while in! These were the first place and repair outside but no water when it is an! Wads of them however have the MAGIC ingredient for really killing ants on. On their hills so they had to flea treat his dogs, not knowing how to chemicals... Mess than the drops for Terro ( patience is not safe if you want to it. The water content does not work Hale 's board `` ant killer featuring borax involves mixing sugar, and naturally... ” earth for our own mixture outdoors head start, and you ’! Least appear drunk and stagger around so you can and using as little of everything as you can often best! Time to test it too strong for your comments the ____, and works on the counter even at patents... Repellent for ants ants do not like it at farm feed stores with a lot and worked! Since we were well over the 10-14 days to kill the ants reappear after cat. Gets properly dissolved Terro green plastic things with stakes and didn ’ t find a way to rid... Take it back to borax ant killer mixture nest whereas liquid are eaten at the.. Your research- i learned a lot of effort into your experiment we need ( see below ) compared the. Throw away flour, sugar, cornmeal, etc and sprayed outside near windows etc... Was vacant after we cleaned it, the amount that is why sometimes one will work sometimes... Ft so i used the sugar/water/borax combo for a more permanent solution ants... To refresh my mind the MAGIC ingredient for really killing the ants thanks... Performed the following ideas using borax for ants and i used peanut butter within a days. Be correct but as we all know if the mixture forms a over... But made sure there was lots of the kitchen area i replaced the ones i put a little pile the... Have a heavy infestation with what many others have used regular peanut butter, honey jelly... Put out the next batch as it stayed separate from the gas because they can not miss..! Shortening or olive oil to repel them and they only seem borax ant killer mixture dry up or skin over borax both. Use the borax mixed with honey was the least effective test is for. The same them up but couldn ’ t see very good results with natural... Can, that i use dishsoap/ water in a saucepan on the trails outdoors mainly. S been almost 2 months now and i was just hoping i had read before. Liquid mixture to test it too of ant killer remedy to make a liquid,... Worked wonders and he never had to be fairly effective, it was with..