Northern white cedar also called swamp cedar is an evergreen species of conifers found in eastern Canada and many places in the United States. For those specialty projects, we are also able to do custom orders, sawing shingles of various length and thickness. We love Cedar and so will you! Altantic White Cedar STK Cedar siding is not all created equal. To ensure that the cedar you specify meets the appropriate grade, be certain to specify WRCLA member production. CVG Doug Fir Flooring, Contact Us Burrington Business Park Sign up today for a cash or credit account, exclusive discounts, rebates and rewards with a CMO Trade Account. Antique Oak Flooring This is the highest Bevel siding grade. If large, clear, or darker colors are required for your project, make sure you let your supplier know this and that Western Red Cedar is a must. Number 2 ~ Also known as “Red Label”. Wider widths (10"-12") may have a longer lead time. What standards are they using for their inspections? 5" Diameter. What type of siding should I use for my home. Left natural to weather to a silver grey they provide warmth and charm to your project, while being durable against various weather elements. b Grade. Everything you need to know about the lead alternatives to lead flashing. Mixed grain cedar siding is generally a more economical way to go, and still provides you with the premiere rot- and disease-resistant qualities of sought-after Western Red Cedar. Barn Siding, Ipe Flooring For the demonstration in the barn after the house call, Tom demonstrated SBC white cedar shingles in a variety of stains. Clear vertical grain cedar is prized for both its beauty and its dimensional stability; when it naturally expands and contracts in relation to moisture in the air, it does so evenly, with no twisting, warping or buckling. The wood has a … This brochure will help you to select the right grade … Privacy Policy Cedar of all the foregoing grades and surface textures is manufactured by members of the Western Red Cedar Lumber Association (WRCLA). Now, with your newfound knowledge of lumber terms fresh in your mind, you can head down to your supplier and order your cedar siding like a pro. All our Cedar Cladding is prime coastal grown, having a tight grain. After deciding whether you want western red cedar shingles or eastern white cedar shingles, what color paint or stain, you need to decide what grade of cedar shingle you would like. Our latest product is cedar shingles : resquared and rebutted white cedar shingles. ... Longfellow’s Cedar Shingles & Shakes 431 South Belfast Road Windsor, Maine 04363 Phone: 207-445-4193 Toll-free: 1 … Not only do wooden shingles give your home a unique traditional look, but they have a range of advantages too. Which lead code do I need for my project? Grading Differentials Atlantic White Cedar is offered in both a Select and STK (Select Tight Knot) grade. Peeled Cedar Posts. See your Waska authorized dealer for our latest shingle products. your browser or download an alternative. The other well-known agency for grading cedar is the West Coast Lumber Inspection Bureau, or WCLIB, right in our hometown of Portland, Ore. It’s one of only seven agencies accredited by the American Lumber Standard Committee to actually write grading rules, in addition to providing grading and inspection services. Cedar wood has a life span of around 50 years or more and is also naturally resilient to decay and insect attack due to naturally occurring oils within the wood. Cedar Posts (with Bark on) After all, if something’s going to be on your house for the next several decades, you want to make sure these folks know what they’re talking about.