Towa | The Minecraft Skin, Dabura - The Demon King, was posted by Bnagers. Dabura | Either unholy or just straight out of video games. He ruled over the Demon Realm as his demonic minions searched for his brother and Babidi, but he was never found as Dabura was killed by Majin Buu.. Dabura, who effortlessly killed Kibito and disposed of Krillin and Piccolo with his spit, was a formidable and ruthless adversary of the Z-Warriors. King of the Demon Realm Dabura (DBL26-04E) Character Card Details. Anything he spits on turns to stone. Nappa | Ironically enough, despite having become a pure soul himself in these anime filler episodes, he is not shown revived with all the innocent souls who were killed by Buu and the other villains. Yakon | While he was fighting Gohan, he noticed Vegeta and his lack of compassion towards his friends, thus giving him an idea that Vegeta will become one of Babidi's Majins. This form of Dabura has the Majin mark, showing he is under Babidi's control. Both are eaten by Majin Boo when the latter is released from the Sealed Ball. He is the king of the demons, whomBabidi brainwashed to make him his right hand man. Redeemed Demon, King of the Demon RealmDoublerDarburaDablaSatanLuciferXeno DaburaThe Tall OneNumber One GuyThe Demon KingBig Guy, FlightKi manipulationAbility to materialize demonic weapons out of nowhereFire-breathingTelekinesisSaliva with an ability to change someone into lifeless stone statuesPyrokinesisMystical regenerationTeleportationAbility to sense evil presences in the hearts of evil beingsSize alterationAbility to power up significantly with his Demonic Will technique. Blast DEF 157,712 . Raiti & Zaacro | Dabura's personality, while very sadistic in terms of his battle actions and methods of disposing of enemies, is also very sophisticated and well-mannered, speaking in a very articulate fashion, even complimenting the talents of his opponents with his deep, booming voice. 5,399. Vegeta specified that the evil ones be kept dead when making the wish, which could have left Dabura dead (Vegeta suggests that the reason he made this specification was so that villains such as Babidi and Dabura would not return). Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Dabura is mentioned by the Chronoa when talking about Towa's origins, referring to her as the sister of the Demon King Dabura. Dabra has the power to materialize a powerful blade named the Darkness Sword and other demonic weapons from completely nowhere. Powers/Skills Whenever Dabura fights Spike the Devil Man in. Dabura has the special power of turning his enemies to stone, simply by spitting on them. Images (18) Forum (0) News; Related Pages Game appearances Friends Enemies Locations Concepts Objects; Dabura last edited by deactivated-5ebc7e8f4cebc on 02/23/20 07:39AM View full history Dabura is first seen when Goku, Gohan, Vegeta,Piccolo and Krillin are led to Babidi's spaceship by Kibito and Supreme Kai to aid them in preventing Majin Buu's awakening. King Piccolo needs to side quests Dabura should be recruitable now; keep fighting in world 6; eventually crown groups will pop up fight the Offworlder Group on the Supreme Kai's World section of the map; it'll be the one nearer to Korin's Tower; Dabura is in this group Dabura (Dragon Ball Series) Meditation Main Abilities Edit. Also,some other questions:- 1.Is Broly the strongest saiyan? Dabura is first seen when Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, Piccolo and Krillin are led to Babidi's spaceship by Kibito and Shin to aid them in preventing Majin Buu's awakening. Eventually, in frustration for not beating Gohan yet, Dabura materializes his Darkness Sword, and attempts to strike the half-Saiyan. The stone spit effect is only reversed if Dabra is killed. wolfie. He ultimately became the right-hand man to Babidi after having succumbed to the latter's sorcery. Assist Babidi in unsealing Majin Buu. Dabura is the 12th DLC character to be added in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. Dabura is a Demon Lord from the Japanese manga series Dragon Ball. Just like Vegeta, Dabura loses the M on his forehead after King Yemma judged him. Demigra | Dabura is a demon king who was put under Babidi's control by a spell, becoming his right-hand man and thus doing his bidding. The belt around his waist also have the same symbol on it. Meta Shift: UI Goku & Universe 11 Meta Shift: Broly & Goku Meta Shift: Metal Cooler & Vegeta Meta Shift: Goku & Cooler Male, SPARKING, Support Type, BLU, Majin Buu Saga (Z), Dabura. Dragon Ball Z With Vegeta refusing to kill Shin and Gohan (stating that they are of no interest to him) and now battling Goku, Dabura stands with Babidi to fight against Shin and Gohan. His name is originally taken from the last half of the famous incantation, "Abracadabra". Male, EXTREME, Defense Type, RED, Majin Buu Saga (Z), Dabura. Lapis Lazuli (AntiMagic Academy - The 35th Test Platoon Series), Kiseki Kusanagi (AntiMagic Academy - The 35th Test Platoon Series), Kanaria (AntiMagic Academy - The 35th Test Platoon Series), Mari Nikaidō (AntiMagic Academy - The 35th Test Platoon Series), Kyouya Kirigaya (AntiMagic Academy - The 35th Test Platoon Series), Akira Yoshimizu (AntiMagic Academy - The 35th Test Platoon Series), Hayato Kurogane (AntiMagic Academy - The 35th Test Platoon Series), Natalia Romanova (Earth-616) (Marvel Series),, His name is originally taken from the last half of the famous incantation, "Abraca. Vegeta easily kills Pui Pui, and then watches Goku destroy Yakon, before Dabura himself emerges to confront Gohan on the third floor. Despite being a demon king, Dabura is outclassed by the main antagonist of the Story Arc and the protagonists when they are in their transformed states. Yet former Gohan was stronger than Cell and Dabura. During his battle with Gohan, Dabura takes notice of Vegeta's poor temperament and his one-track mind for settling things with Goku, which gives Dabura an idea. Occupation Dabura. Once Dabura arrived in the middle of the room, he stopped and crossed his arms, smirking at the fighters. Alias This would also explain why he apparently seems to have remorse for his actions in the anime. Android 16 | Goals The Demon Realm is home to evil races - most notably some of the Demon races - who are led by Demon Supreme Kais, evil god entities, and the God of the Demon Realm: Demigra. The strongest evil to have existed in the Demon Realm was Mechikabura in his prime. In the anime only, Goku and Vegeta charge Dabura in an attempt to stop him but they underestimate him and do not even bother to transform into Super Saiyans, and they can do nothing to keep him from fleeing as a result. In Akira Toriyama's Sand Land manga, which takes place in the far future, Dabra, King of the Demon World, appears as the father of the main character, Demon Prince Beelzebub. Dragon Ball Legends (Unofficial) Game Database. But unfortunately, he wasn’t used to his full potential. Android 21 | Future Dabura is an alternate timeline version of Dabura that appears in Dragon Ball Mega. Both are eaten by Majin Buu when the latter is released from the Sealed Ball. Though he does not appear physically in Dragon Ball: Xenoverse, his sister Towa does appear and is one of the central villains in the game along with her husband Mira, Dabura's successor to the title of Demon King and Dabura's brother-in-law. Dabura launches a large stream of fire from his mouth, bearing a large chance of hitting the opponent within range and dealing heavy damage. King Yemma (閻魔大王 Enma Daiō) is the boss of all ogres, who judge the dead.