They are lactose intolerant, so feeding them dairy can harm their digestive system and give them painful gas. So, it’s important to shop around to make sure you’re getting the best you can. Hedgehogs earned the title of opportunistic eaters. 11.11 What kind of cat food can hedgehogs eat? Give garden wildlife food and shelter with our ready-made habitats and feeders. Bread has little nutritional value), Mealworms (thought to cause health problems when eaten in large quantities). If you’re interested in just how you would go about cooking … Of course, not all pet foods are made the same and some are low in animal protein so be sure to check the ingredients. Types of mushroom in the UK: common identification guide, Bats about trees: winter Broadleaf is out now, Five ways to prepare your garden for winter wildlife, Bread and milk (hogs are lactose intolerant so milk can make them ill. When given the opportunity, hedgehogs are known to supplement … Access to food is an easy way to help – make sure you’re leave food that’s high in animal protein, like our dry kitten food which has the perfect kibble size for tinier mouths. But what exactly can hedgehogs eat? Hedgehogs are opportunistic carnivores that mainly eat their cat kibble and insects. The Woodland Trust and Woodland Trust Nature Detectives logos are registered trademarks. In the wild, hedgehogs are primarily insectivores, but they will often eat whatever is available. The food that a hedgehog eats contributes to an extended lifespan for your favorite pet.Hedgehogs at home can have a lifespan that can exceed six years while the ones in the wild can only Live up to three years due to the numerous dangers they’re constantly facing. ORDERS PLACED NOW WILL BE DISPATCHED AFTER XMAS, Cover all drains and holes that could trap the tiny creatures, Leave at least a 4-inch gap underneath fences to allow easy entry, Check for hedgehogs before strimming or mowing your garden, Thoroughly check all bonfires before lighting, Avoid laying slug pellets as these are poisonous to hedgehogs. They are considered insectivores because they receive most of their nutrition from insects like caterpillars, slugs, and beetles. Registered office: Kempton Way, Grantham, Lincolnshire, NG31 6LL. One of the key issues when it comes to hedgehog preservation is a lack of awareness in terms of foods to avoid. Whilst hedgehogs will often favour mealworms over other food, pandering to this extremely unhealthy fixation is much the same as allowing a petulant child to eat only chocolate. To prevent other animals from getting to the hedgehog food first, keep food under a low platform or ridge tile. love them. Find out what hedgehogs should eat and which foods are not healthy for them, and explore lots of tips on how to care for hedgehogs. Bread is another common leftover fed to hedgehogs. 1982873. While the amount of food you should offer at each feeding varies with the size and age of your pet, as well as the nutritional content of the food, a good rule of thumb is to provide your hedgehog with only as much food as he can eat in one night.When you change your hedgehog's diet, do so gradually. Their digestive system isn’t fully capable of digesting lactose, so cows’ milk and cheeses can cause severe sickness and diarrhoea. Another option is to buy or build a hedgehog house. We heard a funny noise and found two hedgehogs face to face ? They are definitely not picky eaters. Even hedgehogs that have heart complications should avoid the food immediately. You have three options when feeding pygmy hedgehogs insects: live insects, freeze-dried insects and canned insects. The 5th-11th May is Hedgehog Awareness Week and to celebrate, we’re dedicating this post to the unique, loveable creatures. One of the most common misconceptions when it comes to hedgehogs is their diet. 12 Conclusion As opportunistic eaters, hedgehogs will readily consume food left out in your garden. Beyond food, there are other ways to help protect hedgehogs. Just note that they can be very picky eaters too so it really depends on your pet. Starchy vegetables, such as corn, potatoes, and carrots should be avoided as well as dried vegetables. Just like cats, hedgehogs are lactose intolerant. This is because invertebrate numbers have been reduced by agricultural intensification and pesticide use. 11.4 Can hedgehogs eat bananas? Unpredictable weather has made their outdoor lives difficult. Had two in one box last night, lots of grunting!!! Of course, we’re talking about hedgehogs. Unfortunately, these health issues can be fatal in the wild, making dairy more of a hindrance than a help to the vulnerable creatures. Ditto tonight! On the other hand— they have some amounts of dietary fibers (20%), are rich in vitamin B6, and have some amount of vitamin K present in them. Insects and other invertebrates are the hedgehog’s main natural food source. VAT No. I have hedgehogs in my garden they come every night around 10.30 lovely things they are and so timid and harmless I have food and water for them and I’m getting a hedgehog house for them for their safety as foxes are around also and I need them to be safe. One way you can help any visiting hogs is to provide some food. The best foods to provide are: As well as providing food, you can put out a shallow dish of water to ensure any visiting hogs stay hydrated. We know what they eat from scientific studies that have analysed hedgehog poo or looked in the stomachs of hedgehogs killed on roads. Rather than trying to domesticate them, it’s best to simply help them in their natural habitat. Here are some points to consider when feeding a pet hedgehog. Hedgehogs are the Homer Simpsons of the animal world. Woodland Trust (Enterprises) Limited, registered in England (No. Mealworms have an extremely poor calcium/phosphorus ratio which can cause life threatening problems if eaten as a dietary staple. Hedgehogs are only small creatures, so don’t overfeed them. Keep in touch with the nature you love without having to leave the house. eat whatever food is provided! Never heard such a weird noise, not sure if they are territorial like cats? Required fields are marked *, Unit 110, Avro House, Havelock Terrace, London SW8 4AS, UK. Any excessive consumption can fill their small stomachs and leave them incapable of absorbing other essential nutrients. But some commonly fed treats are actually really bad for them. There are some simple ways for us to help hedgehogs. I will give it cat food but when I bring my cat in for the night! Sadly, the hogs simply aren’t capable of digesting it. We have a big hedgehog come visit our garden every night, we built a house for him filled with straw and put in quiet part of garden. These foods can be poisonous or upset your hedgehog’s stomach and should never be fed to him. They’re wild creatures that won’t thrive in captivity. Read on as we discuss how to help prevent the extinction of this beautiful animal by learning what hedgehogs really eat…. They can also eat beetles, waxworms, millipedes, grasshoppers, hornworms and maggots. Mulberries contain a relatively high amount of proteins for a berry (11%), but mostly it is also full of sugars like others (close to 85%). Hedgehogs eat a wide range of invertebrates, worms, snails, slugs and insects. Sometimes, they encounter some wild fruits and vegetables that they’ll happily eat. For a very long time, commercial hedgehog food wasn't available anywhere. SC038885).  A non-profit-making company limited by guarantee. Fruits can be yummy treats for your hedgehog and they’ll definitely enjoy scarfing down a large number of the fruits on this list. The most important invertebrates in their diet are … Dry cat food is great to leave out in a small dish – but we’d recommend avoiding wet cat food as this can spoil if left out for a long period of time. You can start feeding hedgehogs as soon as they emerge from hibernation in spring. Included on the list … The best foods to provide are: Meat-based cat or dog food; Specially-made hedgehog food; Cat biscuits; As well as providing food, you can put out a shallow dish … Occasionally, they may also dine on worms, slugs or snails, which could help to keep your garden pest- free. Also, maybe depending on the different ages and living conditions, hedgehog food is … It’s thought a lack of food may be a factor in the hedgehog’s decline. Your email address will not be published. We have 3 hedgehogs visit every evening around 9.45 – 10 pm we fed them hedgehog food and a dish of water. However, they are great runners and in their search for food (according to the African Pygmy Hedgehog Club UK) they can cover up to 12 miles a night. Their favourite food are usually live insects such as worms and invertebrates. High protein cat food is packed with the essential nutrients to keep your garden visitors happy and healthy, and has a smaller kibble vs dog food, that’s perfect for hedgehogs. They are also high in copper and manganese. The good news is that since hedgehogs eat slugs - and many other little garden pests - this will make your garden doubly appealing to them. 11.5 Can hedgehogs eat apples? Animals that eat hedgehogs include other mammals, birds, and even reptiles. Dairy: Milk; Fruits: Grapes and raisins; Citrus fruits; Avocado; Pineapple; Vegetables: Onion; Garlic; Potato; Tomato; Mushroom; Meats: Processed and canned meat; Raw meat; Seasoned or fried meat; Insects: From bait shops; From your yard; Other: All nuts and seeds; Chocolate You can find hedgehog specific food or if you have cats and feed a high protein cat food, there’s no need to spend more as this will have a similar make up. Just like with our cats and dogs, no one wants an overweight hedgehog! The hedgehogs are omnivorous, so the food they can eat is quite a lot and varied. You can simply use the food you already give to your cats or buy an extra bag or two to keep your garden topped up. The best veggies are chopped dark leafy greens such as kale, collard, and mustard greens, Dr. Starkey says. Often, we’ll see or hear of people leaving out leftover bread and morsels of cheese for hungry mouths outdoors. Unfortunately, hedgehogs will hoover up anything up they can get their paws on, but that doesn’t mean it’s at all good for their sensitive stomachs. Hedgehogs can eat different types of cat food including wet and dry cat food, vegetables like broccoli, carrots to leafy greens, fruit like apples and bananas, insects like mealworms and crickets, along with meats, especially lean meats like chicken to turkey, scrambled to boiled eggs. What a pet hedgehog should eat. It’s also worth providing food and water during periods of dry, hot weather, as natural resources can become scare in these conditions. Occasionally, they may also dine on worms, slugs or snails, which could help to keep your garden pest- free. Hedgehogs can eat meat, however you should avoid excess amounts of red meats and fatty meats due to the low-fat diet requirements of hedgehogs; Although hedgehogs do eat mainly insects in the wild, avoid bait shop insects because they can contain toxic insecticides. A space of just 13 x 13cm is enough for any hog to get in and out of your garden. Some fruits, including grapes and raisins, are harmful to hedgehogs. Hedgehogs - … Allowing areas to become overgrown or adding a pond, log pile or compost heap will provide habitat. Hedgehogs thrive on animal protein and this should form the majority of their diet.  Some fruits and vegetables can be toxic to hedgehogs so it’s best to avod these all together. ... Tens of thousands of hedgehogs are killed on Britain’s roads each year. Feeding on hedgehogs isn’t common, but it’s wide-ranged. I n nature, wild hedgehogs are insectivores and feed off of wild bugs and insects. We have a hedgehog that’s had 6 babies, all seem to be doing well, we feed dry food and wet food and water.. We have a couple of hedgehogs also, visiting the garden every night I’ve put a house in the bottom of the garden under shrubbery and put a bowl of cat food one night and a bowl of hedgehog food the next and of course a bowl of water, long may it last…. Hedgehog food can be fed in the open or under cover, left out overnight as they forage and eat during the night. 11.8 Is cat food better for hedgehogs than dog food? For your pet hedgehog you want to provide a well balanced diet that Undomesticated hedgehogs have a natural range of 200 to 300 meters from their nest. Rabbit food does not provide hedgehogs any nutritional benefits at all, Rabbits only consume vegetables and even if they come in pellet forms, those pellets will usually be made harder than usual pellets due to the fact of the rabbit’s two front tooth which are strong enough to crush harder food down. That said, there’s little point leaving insects out for a hedgehog as they can get all they need for themselves. So, what should you put outside out for a hedgehog in your garden? Whether or not hedgehogs can eat cat food has been a debated topic for a while, and there's quite an interesting bit of information behind this debate. You can even include fruits and vegetables as part of their diet. So, what do hedgehogs eat in the wild? Vegetables: Fresh tomatoes, fresh green beans, and cooked squash are some options that your hedgehog may enjoy. I am worried in case they are without a Mum as I haven’t seen an adult hedgehog and they are desperately looking for food, so I have left them some apple (chopped up small) and some water by a bush they seem to live in! Naturally, hedgehogs are insectivores, taking over 70% of their key nutrients from insects and beetles in the wild. What can hedgehogs eat list? You can also go with edible aquatic vegetation such as water lettuce, water hyacinth, and duckweed. Black mulberry and hedgehogs Hedgehogs can eat mulberries (black or otherwise) as they are seemingly acceptable in calories (43 cal per 100 g of fresh mulberries). They’ve just appeared in the past few days. Images © protected Woodland Trust. Autumn leaf identification quiz: can you identify these 10 trees? Again, consume moderately if you want baby hedgehog to live for a long time. Pet food with natural ingredients and no funny business is best for both your pets and roaming hedgehogs. Carrion, fallen fruit and the eggs of ground-nesting birds may all be taken should a hog come across them. Aww loved reading these comments I just seen on in my garden! Place the house in a quiet, shaded corner of your garden to have the best chance of a hog taking up residence. Registered in England No. For example, they eat earthworms, slugs, snails, caterpillars, and baby mice. Just like many of our other furry friends, hedgehogs need a diet that is high in animal protein. However the hedgehogs we keep as pets are far removed from the wild, and risk getting parasites if they eat wild bugs. Here’s a list of vegetables hedgehogs can eat: Arugula; Spinach; Dandelion greens; Asparagus; Carrots; Broccoli; Sweet potatoes; Radish; Romaine lettuce; Turnips; Green peppers; Collard greens; What Fruits Can Hedgehogs Eat? What fruit and vegetables can’t hedgehogs eat? What fruit can hedgehogs eat? Bananas, apples, pears, blueberries (skin removed), watermelon are generally considered safe for hedgehogs in moderation as they contain a lot of sugar. You can help hogs further by making your garden attractive to their invertebrate prey. Hedgehogs Eat High-Quality Dry Cat Food with a Main Ingredient of Chicken. As omnivores, hedgehogs benefit from a diverse, well-balanced diet. Apples, bananas, berries, and melons are popular choices among hedgehogs. They can be fed cooked (easier to digest), whole or mashed and mixed into dry or wet food. Here’s the list of dairy foods your hedgehogs can eat occasionally… Cottage Cheese; Eggs (Plain & Unseasoned) Yoghurt (Low Sugar) While invertebrates are top of the menu, hedgehogs are opportunistic eaters. That said, there’s little point leaving insects out for a hedgehog as they can get all they need for themselves. What to feed your hedgehog visitors Well-meaning animal lovers traditionally put a saucer of bread and milk out for wild hedgehogs, but in fact this can be harmful to … 11.7 Can hedgehogs eat carrots? Hunter-foragers. They will munch on just about anything. Love hedgehogs and now have 3 places in our garden for them to stay and eat with food and water, not a big garden but busy, I leave hog food out and sprinkle some round garden for them to find. Dry cat biscuits, certain insects, certain fruits, some vegetables like broccoli are considered to be safe for hedgehogs. Then sat at top of garden by our pond and wildlife area and heard rustling! Those with added sugars, salts or artificial nonsense won’t be great for your furry companion, nor your prickly visitor. An individual hog can range over a mile in a single evening, but when gardens are surrounded by impenetrable walls and fencing it becomes difficult for them to move around. We rescued a hedgehog and he/she slept in a baby pram and with a dolly.we are going to release he /she when all frosty mornings are gone. No, they are not supposed to even be offered rabbit food. endangered list, but it is NOT illegal to eat them ... “They need all the help they can get. Whether you have a familiar face popping up each summer or you want to transform your garden into a hedgehog haven, here are a few simple steps you can take…, Me and my wife found a hedgehog in our garden we fed it chopped cucumber and gave it some water we hope to see him again so we are going to start putting out some food every night any tips please, We have had a hedgehog coming to our garden every night now.. we feed him/her small bowl of cat foot ( meaty not fish) and some cat biscuits mixed in with a bowl of fresh water . 294344) and in Scotland (No. We actually bought a purpose built hedgehog house .. it’s fab to see him coming every evening at same time .. around 11pm. Shredded carrots, squash, and zucchini are great foods that turtles can eat, too. Out popped the hedgehog off down the path! Saw the hedgehog first when the dog came from my daughter! But what do hedgehogs eat and what should you feed them? In terms of drinks, a bowl of water is all they need to stay healthy and hydrated. Hedgehogs will readily eat meat-based cat food. When hedgehog-specific … The African pygmy hedgehog can eat cooked meat, canned and dried cat or dog food. This means gardens can be an important refuge for the species. 11.6 Can hedgehogs eat blueberries? Ive got three baby hedgehogs in my back garden! Mealworms and crickets are among their favourites. 11.9 Can hedgehogs eat peanut butter? 2296645), is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Woodland Trust. A typical diet includes: Worms are an important food source for hedgehogs. Small, spiky and adorable. With less than a million hedgehogs currently residing in Britain, it’s more important than ever to do your bit for these national treasures. Hedgehogs can eat cooked potatoes but do remember that potatoes are mostly carbohydrates (89%) and have very little to no amount of other macronutrients. Their diet as a pet would be a dry kibble (we use high protein, low fat cat and kitten foods) supplemented by insects such as meal worms and crickets. Hedgehogs also need sheltered spaces to sleep during the day and hibernate through the winter. You can also buy or build a feeding station. Then they go into my next door neighbours through a gap in the fence and have seconds we don’t over feed them but there are 3 of them and have been coming for about 10 months. What to feed hedgehogs. That means they eat whatever they can get their tiny claws on. Wild hedgehogs can be found in parts of Asia, Europe, and Africa. It’s not exactly clear how much urban hedgehogs rely on food provided by people, but it’s thought to supplement rather than replace their natural diet. Evidence suggests this decline is most severe in rural areas and hogs are actually faring better in our towns and villages than the countryside. Your email address will not be published. Scientists aren’t entirely sure whether they are immune to these venoms or their body just takes pretty good care of the toxins. Birds and other wildlife that feed on these minibeasts will benefit too. GB520 6111 04. The following foods should be avoided when feeding hedgehogs: Your garden could provide much-needed hedgehog habitat. Over 70 species found in the UK, from all the native trees to the common non-natives. Hogs hunt by snuffling through the undergrowth, using their keen sense of smell and hearing to catch any prey they disturb. Can hedgehogs eat rabbit food? The Woodland Trust is a charity registered in England and Wales (No. Discover our recent challenges and successes and how you can help. Spooked cos I put lights on to go back inside so s/he went back to safety! As well as providing food, it’s important to ensure hedgehogs can easily access your garden. These much-loved mammals are in trouble, with the UK population possibly falling by two-thirds in the last 25 years alone. The majority of their diet is made up of invertebrates (or creepy crawlies). Essentially this is a box with a small entrance that lets hedgehogs in while keeping larger animals out. Overgrown patches, compost heaps and log piles can all be used by resting hogs. I have three hedgehogs i my garden, living under the bushes, l put dried dog biscuits and chicken cat food out and a sm dish of water each evening, if lm a little late outting it out at least one of them is hovering in the food area of the garden, they are so delightful to watch and good for the garden. Before you start Googling the number for the RSPCA let me point out that hedgehogs are listed as a protected species and unless you scrape one off the M6, I am in no way encouraging you to eat one. As opportunistic eaters, hedgehogs will readily consume food left out in your garden. However, not every hedgehog eats the same that some like this but the other does not. It’s not generally recommended to keep hedgehogs as pets. Are you lucky enough to have a hedgehog visiting your garden? Credit: Richard Becker / Alamy Stock Photo. By the way, hedgehogs get called opportunistic eaters. The food will be most beneficial in late summer and autumn when they are building up the fat reserves needed to survive the winter. The Best Ingredient List for a Hedgehog. Credit: Julie N Woodhouse / Alamy Stock Photo. Pigeon sussed it but I could tell it was different by her reticence! This means that they are eating a wide variety of food sources in the wilderness. Helping hedgehogs get the essential nutrients they need is just one way we can help keep them safe and healthy. Hedgehogs have been known to eat insects, slugs, baby mice, frogs, fish, worms, small snakes, eggs, and even fruit. African pygmy hedgehogs would eat mainly insects in the wild and berries if there are not a lot of insects available at certain times of the year. Between 2002 and 2017, hedgehog numbers in the UK fell by around a half. I keep hoping they will have babies and bring them along I love listening to them snorting and making little grunting noises round the garden. Can hedgehogs eat strawberries? Some species are even able to eat some pretty venomous creatures, such as scorpions and snakes. Malnutrition, a lack of education and improper care has led to a severe decline in the number of hedgehogs in Britain. It will take carrion, scraps, some plant material and an opportunist robber taking mice, baby birds and eggs. Wonderful! Naturally, hedgehogs are insectivores, taking over 70% of their key nutrients from insects and beetles in the wild. The hole should be around 4 to 5 inches in diameter, and will need tape around edges if you’re making one yourself – to stop hedgehogs hurting themselves. Because hedgehogs have a somewhat limited ability to digest plant material, they should not be fed unripe fruit or raw fibrous vegetables (such as celery and kale). 11.10 Can hedgehogs eat oranges?