Soviet military bases abroad tended to be isolated settlements, hidden far from the public in restricted areas. Russian military bases in Armenia will be modernized and upgraded, Armenia’s top national security official said 27 June 2013. 9. It was the Soviet’s remarkable … My partner - - Best exploring abandoned placesExploring abandoned Soviet and Russian military bases. Russian military facilities in the region now number at least 18, according to a Reuters report from 2016, which Moscow has not commented on. Thirty-five countries or territories around the world host U.S. military bases, while Russian bases can be found in nine countries. When the world is writing the history of great investors, only one name will really matter: Vladimir Putin. Russia’s New Arctic Military Bases by Dr. Gary K. Busch In April 2017, the Russian Government announced that it had completed its new military bases in the Arctic and had completed most of the work on restoring several military bases in the region which had been abandoned. Russia has several military bases in foreign countries, especially on the territory of the former Soviet Republics.One of the largest Russian military bases is called the Black Sea Fleet base, which is located in Sevastopol, Ukraine. During that time, the country had a permanent naval base in Somalia. Other significant bases exist in Armenia, Tadzhikistan, Georgia (In the disputed regions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia). KGB, military unit 93544, Russia. Forget Warren Buffet and Peter Lynch. Despite U.S. military … Here, I have a list of five secret Soviet military bases/projects, which are abandoned but still exist out there at the moment. Russia has struck a deal with Sudan to establish a naval base in the country, as Moscow seeks to expand its military reach in the Middle East and North Africa. “Barhan” bioweapons base “Barhan” bioweapons base is also known as Aralsk-7 or town Kantubek. Eric Lusito . The naval logistics center in Sudan will be Russia’s first military base in Africa since the collapse of the Soviet Union.