(NRS 616C.390) Claimants who received benefits in the LWA weeks and have since returned to work do not need to reactivate their claims. But when I went on today it’s has a link on my homepage to reactivate my claim?!?! Unless state lawmakers push to reactivate extended benefits, they generally remain unavailable. During that year time frame you are awarded so much per week for so many weeks. Problems or Questions – Available 8am to 4:30pm, Monday-Friday I filled in Sunday for my weekly claim with no problem(7am). If you are ready to reactivate your claim, you can typically do so online. Close. Option 3. The claim opens and closes like you would a savings account. Collect your normal Nevada unemployment benefits for the full maximum 26-week period by filing your weekly claim online at the Nevada Employment Security Division’s website, or by calling the automated claim system. Petitioners can always check with the Nevada ESD or local unemployment for specific details. Claims examiners can not currently provide this information. Unemployment Claim Reactivate? This issue comes up after a claim has been closed. If a work injury or industrial disease condition changes or worsens, the worker may request that the workers' compensation insurer reopen the claim for further medical treatment and benefits. Posted by 8 months ago. Option 2. This is true whether you simply forgot to complete the claim form on time or if you purposely did not file due to landing a new job. Claim Balance 0/Claim Expire/New Claim, Unemployment, 1 replies trying to reactivate my unemployment, Pittsburgh, 5 replies Re: PA--if state offices are closed Saturday, MY BYE, which day do I call to reactivate?, Unemployment, 1 replies how freaking long does it take for the state to reactivate your drivers liscence?, El Paso, 4 replies 8. Continue to file normally … If an unemployment compensation extension is active, a notice will also be posted on the Department of Labor’s website for Nevada. Use this option to start a new claim for unemployment benefits or restart one opened against the State of Nevada in the past calendar year. Unemployment claims are locked in for a year from when you originally filed. Virtually all states look at your recent work history and earnings during a one-year "base period" to determine your eligibility for unemployment. n Nevada, the base period is the earliest four of the five complete calendar quarters before you filed your benefits claim. This website provides a safe, efficient way to file an unemployment insurance claim or file a claim for weekly benefits. The quick and easiest way to file for unemployment benefits is through the Unemployment Insurance Claim Filing System (UInv). The most efficient and effective way to file or reactivate a UI claim is through the UInv Claimant Unemployment Claim Reactivate? If you miss filing your weekly or bi-weekly claim forms for your unemployment benefits, the state will deactivate your unemployment claim. Nevada will backdate a flood of new unemployment claims stemming from the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, extending retroactive payments to all … If you opened an unemployment compensation (UC) claim within the past year, stopped filing for those benefits, but now need to file for benefits again, you will simply reopen your existing claim. You may also access payment status, change payment method, change tax withholding options, and access a 1099G for filing tax returns. New or Reopened Claim- Available 8am to 4:30pm, Monday-Friday. Archived.