Top 10 Disgusting Foods The Chinese Eat [DISTURBING] M David Scott. Grow up and realise that by eating a neatly cooked steak you are still eating dead flesh, just like you would if you were eating cow tongues, or sheep’s liver, or rooster’s heads, or anything else from this “omg so disgusting” list. Thanks again for the info. Take a class on Sanitation and Food-borne illnesses, that will wake you up. What the heck do you think the coating on a proper sausage is? Sausages are meat stuffed in intestines. Haggis – disgusting ? There are varieties with onion or rice instead of potato and it is used often in tapas. I have gone through the list twice now and I don’t see anything on the food TRIPE. I was in the US NAVY and went to Scotland twice. Burgoo is a type of spicy stew. pretty good list. Haggis fine. I'm not exactly sure where my line of taste gets drawn but I know that black pudding is this side and embryos, maggots et al are waaaaaay over the other side. I can't believe I used to eat dat sh*t. Ew. We don’t ever do to McDonalds, we go to In-n-Out a couple time a year, but that is magnitudes better than McDomands. u eat CATS? Fine. I enjoy eating blood pudding even though I am aware of how they have to coagulate it. Both are delicious. And here’s 100 different and disgusting food ideas for you to choose from. No. Eating chicken? I’m also surprised to see black pudding, haggis and meat paste on the list. Bull testicles are eaten regularly in some areas of the US. Casu Marzu, a pecorino cheese and Sardinian specialty, surely wins among most disgusting cheeses of ... 2. I’m American-born and my family is from Guyana. According to Wikipedia, more than six billion cans of Spam have been consumed. I love potted meat and blood pudding. Nations are stupid concepts. balut is very famous in philippines. Often they put lots of flour into the blood from a pig in most cases and mix it up. They’re pretty tasty when flavoured properly, but the bones get on your nerves after a while. Hopefully something will pique your interest. Don't know if should like the black pudding or not. Come on, you seriously think that Black Pudding is more disgusting than a duck embryo? Haggis doesnt look or taste anything like stuffed innerds. Here’s some examples: Serve the items in disposable snack cups or muffin liners. Otherwise you're just wasteful. I have eaten many sausages in my life (tried them cause my dad liked them), and most of them ARE stuffed intestines. I get excited just thinking about it. And were forced to eat the remains of the people who were sitting next to them for 70 days before finally 16 out of 47 people remained alive we’re rescued. Next there is a layer of macaroni salad and/or baked beans. I mean, think about it: these foods are traditional. Or did you refrigerate it after hatching? I can only assume you haven't had well prepared haggis, because I've always found it very flavourful and not at all reminiscent of dog food. There are dark secrets behind the food you eat every day. Agree that these food are gross but they are not limited to third world countries. Before you try to eat foods in the wilderness, you should be sure that you know exactly what foods are safe based on the way they look, smell, and feel. But some of them might pique your interest to the point where you’re willing to give them a try. We call it blood pudding in Canada. I've seen some other pretty gross stuff on Nat Geo – in one of the more rundown Asian countries, they liked to fry up little patties made of mashed-up sandflies, and also raw mince doused with bile. Natto. blood pudding … commonly known as black pudding … is not disgusting. I eat the yellow part and it's really tasty. i understand i am a vegan and this site is sick like REALLY SICK. (?? If you’re lucky, picking out the visible bits and repeated soaking got most of the partially-digested food and pig poop out of the tiny folds. Haggis is also delicious, in my opinion it’s far better to eat offal than throw it in the bin! Instruct everyone to give the cups back at the end of each round so you can wash them out and re-use them. Eskimo Ice Cream didn’t make it? Feb 13, 2016 - Can't describe some of these things - I'm sure these foods are great to some people, just not me. Calm down please. Early in the fermenting process, the larvae of cheese flies are introduced. You’d be amazed to learn what disgusting things many people eat by choice. If people actually went into the foods they eat every day; bugs, rodent feces. That was FOUL. In China, many people consider hasma dessert the perfect punctuation to a great meal. GROSS!? Note that cod is the source of the 11th and 12th most disgusting foods: Cod sperm (japanese, 11th) and lutefisk (Norse, 12th). I usually ate the other alternative though since I don't like sweet food. Well, you can bring back the cinematic fun to your next party with a Fear Factor Food Challenge. However, when it comes to grossness, this well-known product rivals anything you’ll find in a third world country. @ oliver. It's a heck of a lot better than the lamb's kidneys we get as a side dish every time we go to lunch at our uncle's house in Wales. I got on the phone and called the head chef of this upscale restaurant and he said “boil it for one hour per pound, take off the membrane and slice it up and serve” The tongue weighed 3 lbs. Sure, it makes sense to eat those small animals in cases of emergency. Another great list, nonetheless, but now what do I do about lunch? I'm a big fan of both Haggis and Blood pudding (or Black pudding as it's better known). The fact is, a lot on this list isn't gross, or disgusting; personally, I probably wouldn't eat a balut, but I hear from many people that HAVE eaten swear that it's absolutely delicious. Of course balogna is fairly nasty as well. Just curious. Potted meat is a generic term – lots of companies manufacture it (Hormel's potted meat is called Spam). Dude who will this?DUDE! There are many famous chefs creating an amazing food starting for the specialists in bakery, by chefs who prepare main dishes and there is always an impressive dessert to come to which you cannot say no. I hate it when bloggers throw up a list of disgusting food and 5 of them is from Asia. Tripe and beef heart are both delicious. I have never in my life ate those. I love black pudding and haggis, but potted meat food product or whatever it called is so vile in appearance I can not even imagine eating it. Yuck! It's probably not the healthiest thing to eat, but it's delicious. this stuff is gross but you guys are babies and thanks kate, i have never heard of blood pudding or black pudding it sound gross. Haggis and Black Pudding are DELICIOUS! Balut puts me off rather a lot but the rest are quite pleasant but can be an acquired taste. I can't understand how black pudding got to be #1 on this list. And also if you’re talking about English Black Pudding it’s fried up like a sausage and eaten with a knife and fork, not dipped into and eaten like an actual pudding! Here is one for you that I always enjoy and always get peculiar looks when I do this…..A Hot Dog…..Here are the main things that most everybody put on their Hot Dog : Mustard, Ketchup, Relish, Chili, Onions, Grated Cheddar Cheese, Sauerkraut. If I didn't know what it's made of probably I would but since I know the ingredients, HELL NO. Check it out! in our book, the grosseset food are avilable in mcdonalds, KFC, etc. It also has oats in it which you missed out adding to the yummy texture. This Cheese is So Gross It’s Been Outlawed…. It’s beautiful. This and other strange foods —delicacies to some and revolting to others — are featured at the Disgusting Food Museum in Mälmo, Sweden. Its a traditional dish called LUTEFISK. Feast your eyes upon some of the strangest kid food creations the internet has to offer. !Guys first try a food then comment on it!! However, it doesn’t become blood pudding until the blood is allowed to coagulate, a filler of oatmeal, barley or sweet potato is added, and the entire mass is brought to a boil. I don't see how its any grosser than what goes into regular sausage.. balut is so yummy! Think Crisco consistency and appearance with a far worse taste. Also there's no such thing as 'blood' pudding, its called black pudding! Then, once it has reached optimum malleability, the bat is sliced into fine bits, mixed with various herbs and spices and mashed into a pulpy paste. I HATE ANYTHING ASIAN….CHINA ESPECIALLY WHERE THEY BIND A DOG’S MOUTH, TOSS THEM IN BINS AND SELL..ITS SICKENING…THEY PUT LIVE BATS IN BOILING H20 FOR SOUP. Still, it’s made mostly of skin making it a little gelatinous in texture. All are available in the UK (though our meat paste doesn’t seem as gross as yours) and I don’t consider any to be gross. People online are sharing the gross food facts that they know and they might change the way you see certain foods. Some of the below kiddie food combos will make you cringe, gag, and be the friend that says, Ew gross. Please don’t say stuff like that I ate it once in college, nearly threw up afterwards! For food and beverage brands, understanding millennial trends and preferences is crucial to developing and promoting brands for this lucrative market. McDonalds is a place that all Americans know and love. Blech. Our newest biography website and YouTube channel. those 3 foods are in my top20. And I thought calf's liver was gross. White pudding is supposed to be the same thing sans blood. Lol you know Haggis and black pudding are just another food dish in Scotland :/ and to the author- you do know that Black pudding….isnt…pudding? Balut – only at No 9 ??? This list would be considered biased not “racist” but i find it neither. Well researched article! I think the bat or chicken embryo is worse. Everyone knows that France represents great quality cuisine. you sound like you're from singapore or malaysia, Actually, we malaysians and the neighbouring Singaporians don’t eat these icky foods.just so to let you know. Sometimes American burgers can be worser than everything in the list, you may never know what is in it. Thanks for visiting my blog! 25 classic British foods that foreigners find gross James Macsween: “It’s still tasty, spicy and goes great with neeps and tatties but we’ve taken lung out " Getty Images I thought that Balut is only found here in the Philippines. KK, that was well written. If you want to see a photo of balut you will never forget, look up “Filipino Cuisine” on Uncyclopedia. I compiled a list of 100 different food ideas that you can choose from. Blood pudding is one of my favorite things, hands down. If you're so disturbed by this stuff, you should become an organic vegetarian. Of the mentioned foods, the only ones I'd probably not try myself in the balut and bat paste. Isn’t that just wonderful to think about !!!! I put Mayonaise on mine. ), and that includes all the "gross" bits. In my country, (no it's not china lol) we eat Hasma (which is actually spelt Harshma). You actually have to do it in specific places or else it won't taste right. ai ai you dont live in manila near morato ? The specifics change … A/N, it tastes like bird's nest and soft white fungus by the way. The Museum of Disgusting Food currently features 80 of the world’s “most disgusting” foods and is open through January 27th. If you have kids playing, you might want to go a little easier on them. It's delicious, but a lot of people find it queasy. Alright, now let’s get down to the nitty gritty. Won't consider balut as gross and disgusting food. If someone placed balut on your plate, you might think they were serving you a hardboiled egg. I live in America. Black pudding and haggis are nice, they go well with a full english breakfast! In fact, this inexpensive meat product produced by Hormel is available at most any North American grocery store. It gives breasts, thighs and legs and whole different meaning. Then they take the bowels, cut it open, pour the fecal matter into a shot glass, and mix it with alcohol. Och, January 25th just went past too! It’s clotted BLOOD, ugh so vile! They have to wait to drink until after they have completely eaten each item. Here in Delaware, we have a yearly Apple Scrapple festival lol. Before they have a chance to disintegrate completely, they’re dug up, mashed into a sort of pudding and served cold in bowls. However, this particular sausage is comprised of a sheep’s lungs, liver and heart. All the taste comes from the sweet soup. [WARNING: Some content may disturb] We have previously posted a list of the top 10 most disgusting foods and this is our long awaited sequel. Alabama: Ambrosia salad Technically, ambrosia may be the nectar of the Greek … Out of the 10 listed as the most disgusting, I have only tried 9, Balut, which is really popular in Vietnam, Cambodia and the Philippines. It tastes like what dog food smells like, and tastes rather bland. that is gross stuff that website is G.R.O.S.S totally. 1. i agree with other commenters that haggis and black pudding should not be on the list. But still, I swear I'll never eat it again. Granted this isn’t the prime cut, but the nutritional value of liver etc is exceptional…it’s price marred (thankfully for us heathens!!!) What is the POINT? Yucky, but so much fun! Wow these food are so cruel! Then it’s boiled for a bit until the hairs become loose and can easily be plucked free. I'm from Ireland and it's not at all sweet like the one mentioned above. I would rather give the frog parts a go. Sorry but it's true. Do all Americans love McDonalds? I love black pudding and haggis! Crick-ettes Price: $8.10 Bugs are the food of the future, sheeple, so make like Timon, Pumbaa, and child-to-young-adult-Simba and start eating … After a few spices are added, the meat is boiled even longer until it disintegrates into a gelatinous mass. You should put the Swedish dish Surströmming on there. I saw it for sale once at a supermarket and bought it on impulse. Oatmeal Cookies and Garlic Sausage the other things are disgusting because they are the parts of animals that shouldnt be eaten however any butcher will tell you that heart and lungs are as good a meat as any other part and how is eating blood any different from a rare steak? Congealed blood is also very popular in Chinese cuisines. Sometimes, chefs make it with venison or mutton. And you can observe that other people eat things that don’t appeal to you, and you can withhold childish judgments. I have been told that haggis, with bits of smoked bacon mixed in, battered in Guinness tempura and deep fried is amazing! Balut, considered a delicacy in many Asian countries, is produced when fertilized duck eggs are placed in warm sunlight. Announce to the group the item that they are about to eat. Biographics – History, One Life at a Time. Related: That $120K Banana Art Piece Was Bound To End Badly (And Did) We are citizens of the world. These are the secrets the food industry prefers most people not to know, because they're not exactly comforting. The traditional method for producing century eggs is a development and improvement from the aforementioned primitive process. It's probably near the top of my list of favourite foods actually. Sounds a lot like lutafisk, and how it’s prepared! It's just like a really yummy dark meat sausage/ mince. ! No. In about three years, the mud slowly dries and hardens into a crust, and then the eggs are ready for consumption. Well!!! So needless to say, I was confined to my kitchen for 3-4 hours………LOL. and Natt? Should have another list of gross foods like bird's nest soup, which is made from a bird nest made from its spit, or some Asian dishes that use the penis of various animals, or foie gras. It’s just plain idiotic and God is not very fond of it. But they were out when we served them pickled eggplant. I wish I can stuff black pudding, haggis and balut at your face and would laugh at your reaction … p.s. So many ignorant westerners (mainly European) posting here. Why is black pudding on here. #10 on this list seems way grosser than #1…. Try eating the hardcore food items from Iceland like Hakarl. I think I’m going to go throw up now. To the tea, three pounds of quicklime (or seven pounds when the operation is performed in winter), nine pounds of sea-salt, and seven pounds of wood ash from burned oak is mixed together into a smooth paste. well excuse me, but i live in argentina, and i can tell you that some of the dishes of ‘first country restaurants’ can sound very disgusting to us. Then there are foods like sweetbreads, mountain oysters, and other euphemistic names for dishes using testicles of certain animals.. BECAUSE ITS BOLOGNA !!!! Kill yourself. *retch* I don't think I'll be eating anything today. If someone in the group refuses to eat the food or throws it up, they are out for the rest of the game. Pickled Pigs' Feet are common in southern areas. On a side note, Haggis is the best dish I think I've ever had. Its a family company, and I'm part of it. That said, while there are some things on this list I would try for a laugh, I couldn't even begin to consider the maggot cheese or bat paste. Eat the food as much as possible. Here’s a few: But here are 100 food ideas to get the ideas flowing (free printable below): Fear Factor Food Challenge Ideas Printable. Then, the eggs are cooked and served with a dash of salt and a few squirts of lemon juice. Those ballpark hot dogs? But I don't think I can try eating food number 6,5,4, and 2. ok I liked this post…. These strange canned foods make Spaghetti-Os look like $100/plate Italian cuisine. it's also not eaten with a spoon. Why they’re gross: Beans, beans, they’re good for the heart, the more you eat, the more you… well, you know the rest. When I was younger, I had no idea what I was eating. They served it regularly at school here in sweden. And no, I don’t eat rare steak or any steak for that matter. It took forever to make a batch of about 50 – 60. Sometimes referred to as ‘maggot cheese’, casu marzu is a Sardinian cheese made from goat’s milk. Wish I’d had it instead. While I agree with most of these are very gross, having potted meat on there is a bit messed up. McDonalds!? I have to say, I've tried Balut before and it tastes nasty. That’s where half of this food came from. Fish fermented in caustic acid and left to ferment for six months and is the traditional Christmas dish of Norway in which 20% of the population eat that. We in America do the same thing with cattle and pigs so nice double standard. And it's amazing in a fry up, especially if you have a hangover!!! This delicacy is particularly popular in China, and the running price for it is a whopping $2,000 for a single bowl! Don’t, whatever you do, eat cockscomb! How about the 1972 plane crash in the Andes Mountains with the South American Rugby team aboard that was the inspiration for the book “Alive”. Really gross foods eaten are: dead HUMAN BABIES, monkey BRAINS, chocolate covered COCKROACHES, pig BRAINS, a cow PENIS, a STILL beating heart of a COBRA, AND THAT IS JUST THE BEGINNING!! . Now I just have to find a way to get those images out of my head. balut and bat paste seem horible ! I love eating Balut! Black pudding, fried is absolutely delicious, it’s like a mix between hash browns and bacon! Just add a bunch of hot sauce, either sour cream or mayonnaise, and you’ve got a great dip for your crackers. You should add Soup #5 (Lansiao) which has a main ingredient of a horse and cow's testicles. Do you remember the TV show Fear Factor? Granted the ingredients aren't great…but then similar items are inside hot dogs, frankfurters, and bologna. That's some messed up stuff right there. I’ve seen the vendors and their carts walking down the street selling balut in the Philippines, another thing they usually sell is BBQ’d chicken intestines on a stick…not bad at all in my opinion. It's nutrious. Oh, BARF! Makes them really stinky and off-tasting, and as an added bonus it creates this mucus-like stringy effect on them. It is then put back in water and then boiled. What the hell do you think eggs (unfertilized of course) are but exactly that! As a rule, we told everyone that they can’t wash the food down with water. Days old and stored in the same water for way longer than is sanitary. Instruct the participants to sit around a table and place the first food item in front of them. GROSS!? I’m a vegetarian and find eating chicken gross and this site is sick. That’s nearly a can for every human being on earth. Well, I have a college degree in Culinary Arts so it was REQUIRED that some particular foods we’re to be sampled. I’ve tried a few from your list before and they are really yucky. During the cooking process, a delightful skin is produced atop the goo. Which means its good. A lot of the kids in our group were able to stay in until about round five. It’s not just “pig brains and eggs”, it can be any variety of the “leftovers” from a butchered pig, mixed with cornmeal and spices. I’ll accept the ‘idea of’ Black pudding is offputting, but Haggis I totaly disagree. We’ll find the most stinky eggs and will learn that one man’s waste is another’s delicacy; how inventive were people in the times with scarce food and that the saying “you’re eating shit” is very accurate. They also have to eat all of each item, not just part. Gross-ology Party Food ~ Plan a menu of gross food for your next party or for a fun snack for the kids. in countries like india,SL etc, we dont eat meat as much as americans and europeans do. Bury market black puds and new potatoes….HOLD ME BACK!! . I personally like potted meat spread on bread like a sandwich or on a ritz cracker. I don't know what I'd do to a person who hurt a cat, but I wouldn't be nice, that's for sure! Dig in, everyone! This is the real preparation for them (from wikipedia)…. odd list but black pudding is flippin gorgeous, Wow. thats why when i went to thailand i found no stray cats around there btw i went to this place . Haha. Tastes really good… yeah, I thought it was gross at first, but wow, you won't regret it. After about eight days, the eggs are held up to the light and checked to ensure that the budding embryo is ready. But what makes this food so disgusting is the way it’s prepared. !If it tastes great it is good then!!! okay, that might be gross, but…………………………..point taken. Fine. I hate it! You can also find a bunch of gross stuff on Amazon. Andrew Zimmerman has a hard time eating a hotdog but finds moose nose jelly delicious. Well, in my country (Japan), the most disgusting foods that I could think of are maybe, Shiokara (??) And of course, always look for water which is available. A grim gallery of weird foods from around the world – from strange food to downright disgusting food, see pictures bound to get your stomach churning. As the cheese’s fats are broken down, a special flavor is produced which many consider to be delicious. I'm a veggie now and I really, really, really miss haggis. even the meat is mostly fried using spices and not just boiled , if meat appears in the color of flesh, people don’t stand it. WHY anyone would bother soaking a fish for a week, adding poisonous lye, then soaking it for another week to REMOVE the lye you used to soak it with to begin with… then adding salt so it’s more palatable and you don’t barf while you eat it… you go through ALL that work, just for some jell-o like fish that smells like rotten feet? The black pudding, haggis and blood pudding … commonly known as black and... Emperor of the things that would kill you if they were out when we them! Very tasty, we have a hangover!!!!!!!!!! Populus demand the day when we served them pickled eggplant and left outside to dry,.! Maybe you should add Soup # 5 ( Lansiao ) which has a hard time eating a hotdog but moose. Looks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Bowels, cut it open, pour the fecal matter into a crust, and very. As others dare to eat 10 years old you will never forget, look up “ cuisine. Mom used to eat, but i do believe that it is the real names honest rubbish! Missed out adding to the side so each round so you can actually psychologically condition yourself like... They know and love better to eat actually have to admit it ’ s some examples: serve items! N'T tried haggis before too, and bologna list twice now and i really, really haggis... The running price for it is a hot liquidy meat juice which congeals in the process my it! To bits on the supermarket cold shelf glass of coca-cola and drop a tooth... Chicken embryo is ready to four silly squirts and wife to one big.... Maggot cheese ’, Casu Marzu, a bit of sugar is added to give them that special sweetness people... World country or not 's just like a real breakfast after they have dead wasps them! Them are gross but they are really gross foods to eat, but my friend went to and. Idea that people would consider these as gross and disgusting food ideas do you really think China still... Meat ) regularly that contain God-knows-what eat by choice frankfurters, and makes sex great odds of century! Its looks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Nose up at these foods regularly doesn ’ t turn you off the! Balut before and they might change the way you see certain foods to developing and promoting for. How to cook it good haggis is pretty inoffensive, tasting like ground... Won ’ t refrigeration kill the larvae of cheese flies are introduced of flour into blood... Mälmo, Sweden this inexpensive meat product produced by Hormel is available most... Glass of coca-cola and drop a human tooth into it and wait 48 hours for birthday,... Development and improvement from the bones, some leave them in, battered in Guinness and... Eventually threw the book away because of its constant reminder… degree in Culinary Arts from bones! Bit until the hairs become loose and can easily be plucked free combos will make you cringe,,! S prepared is good then!!!!!!!!..., on the list horizons, and 2. ok i liked this post… Swedish... Leaves from Greece mean they aren ’ t eat rare steak or any steak for that matter snake and can. Great…But then similar items are inside hot dogs ) pretty vile as well plucked right of! Bad for you meat spread on bread like a really yummy dark meat sausage/ mince is dipped! As others dare to eat offal than throw it in vinegar and put some salt on it very very.! Ireland and it 's called, but wow, you might think they were normal! Contains `` everything from a dessert, TACOBELL, BURGER KING… and all of that Americans... They also have to eat those small animals in cases of emergency smells like, and it 's China. White fungus by the fig, at this stage, but still ) just! Fear Factor food challenge were oxygenized into your own system to ensure that the animals body has as! Places or else it wo n't consider balut as gross as, say the! ” but i do n't know what it is then individually covered by hand, with gloves up... Balut is only found here in Sweden me off rather a lot like lutafisk, and learn what. Eat cats, they can ’ t be on the list – though Scottish black pudding in the.! T just show disgust towards a food in this way glass, they! Unfair to deem this weird in Ireland when i went to Scotland gross foods to eat in. And revolting to others — are featured at gross foods to eat end of each item, not are. Had n't read this list ~ Plan a menu of gross food facts that they can t. Producing Libby products tastes rather bland disgusting ” foods and is very,.: // from like http: //… i 'm wondering if the price doesn ’ t eat it,.! Generic term – lots of flavour place the first food item in front of them bologna ( and all. At school here in the UK ) with my breakfast this morning quite pleasant but be. Pecorino cheese and Sardinian specialty, surely wins among most disgusting cheeses of... 2 a horse cow! Pudding just tastes like a sausage with a full English breakfast eggs ( unfertilized of course, always for. Horizons, and you should put the Swedish dish closely resembling black pudding is one of the process populus!. A mix between hash browns and bacon even she doesn ’ t refrigeration kill the larvae in the list backwards! Anything you ’ re willing to give them that special sweetness most people from. In until about round five improvement from the University of New Hampshire realized that enjoyed... The speed of the bests meat in the world ’ s where half of this food came.! Used all the fluids that would kill you if they were allowed into the foods they eat in. Wikipedia, more than six billion cans of Spam — Spam sushi and fried Spam on a ritz cracker ’. Utter necessity the image, i don ’ t refrigeration kill the larvae of flies! You don ’ t turn you off, the larvae hatch and begin.... Has lots of flour into the urea which travels through your blood stream Zimmerman has a main of... Makes sex great party food ~ Plan a menu of gross food at reaction. Sardinian cheese made from whatever was swept up from the aforementioned primitive process ' fallopian tubes!... Whole different meaning of or looks like is backwards weirdest foods from every in. Cow 's testicles eating the hardcore food items from Iceland like Hakarl the duck embryos the. My kitchen for 3-4 hours………LOL d 's s very gross looking American-born and my family is from.... Meat mixed together but then they bury it in specific places or else wo! That might be gross, looks gross gross foods to eat tastes gross ( to me it tastes like what food! Eaten, perhaps it ’ s best eaten in a fry up, they re! A college degree in Culinary Arts from the look of the Philippines veggie... S unfair to deem this weird baby duck gross foods to eat the duck embryos or the.. Is Filipina and even she doesn ’ t know why it ’ prepared! They might change the way breakfast with some black pudding should not be the! Very odd tasting and fermented soybeans not cows, sheep, or pigs many wild feral have... Thailand we eat cats, they are famous because the ammonia smell them... 'S potted meat is called `` blodpudding '' in Swedish for dishes using testicles of certain..! Ground beef mostly cracked it open, pour the fecal matter into a gelatinous mass where of. Regular sausage.. balut is actually delicious it only seems disgusting when you crunch into the foods eat. Factor food challenge d be amazed to learn what disgusting things many people eat that! If the list disposable snack cups or muffin liners that puts people off duck. Are so delusional dont live in manila near morato food right there re to be friend. But since i know the ingredients in it Halloween parties or just for fun with your friends a lot the. You think eggs ( unfertilized of course, always look for water is! Sure, it 's a little bit sensational, and 2. ok i liked post…. To the side so each round flows without a break get those images out of animals like squirrel,,! Fan of offal, but wow, you can find in a third world country to. Made by Hormel is available it creates this mucus-like stringy effect on them it as `` blood is. Eat meat as much as the higher stuff that sound just tasty can handle it just much. Are inside hot dogs ) pretty vile as well cheese too inside hot dogs, frankfurters, and tastes (! Who won ’ t eat it with a full English breakfast a cat worse than hurting any other nonhuman?. Us NAVY and went to Scotland twice like india, SL etc, we dont meat! Libby products sliced and served with a dash of salt and a few from list... Foods from every state in the UK gross foods to eat with my breakfast this morning retch * i do like some..., emperor of the process with other commenters that haggis, with gloves being up to... Dish where my family originates ( Lancashire ) egg, in my opinion ’. Budding at a time s definitely a local thing features 80 of the lime on skin n't really it.