4. Find more ways to say dialect, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. More example sentences. Dialectic definition is - logic. In fact the same words will take different pitches in other sentences. the farmer spoke dialect and was despised by the landowners. Dialect definition, a variety of a language that is distinguished from other varieties of the same language by features of phonology, grammar, and vocabulary, and by its use by a group of speakers who are set off from others geographically or socially. Ballet is entertainment without a language barrier. But in some languages, called tone languages, certain pitches belong to certain words. dialect in a sentence - Use "dialect" in a sentence 1. click for more sentences of … Dialectic: Logic through Conversation Meaning: [‚daɪə'lektɪk] n. 1. any formal system of reasoning that arrives at the truth by the exchange of logical arguments 2. a contradiction of ideas that serves as the determining factor in their interaction. the verbal and written communication understood and used by a large group of people. Examples of Dialectic in a sentence. b. a form of a language that is considered inferior. I realized I had to surmount the language barrier. We tried to list the best first. 1. of or relating to or employing dialectic. "It was not bad grammar, just dialect ". The second is that human beings have existed in a historical dialectic with the natural world for thousands of years. Dialects sentence examples. "It's pure Telangana dialect that flows effortlessly". Writers often use dialects to develop setting and characters. Similar words: dialect, eclectic, apoplectic, general election, electromagnetic radiation, analects, elective, election. 4. Cockney is a dialect of English. A dialect is the language used by the people of a specific area, class, district, or any other group of people. They are broken up into almost countless tribes and … Dialect, a variety of a language that signals where a person comes from. c. Their Eyes Were Watching God is rich in dialect, known as the spoken version of a language. 5. Pronunciation of dialect with 1 audio pronunciation, 10 synonyms, 4 meanings, 12 translations, 7 sentences and more for dialect. How to use dialectical in a sentence. This part tests the oral and aural skill of the students. To me, Minnesotans were the only people without a dialect. The notion is usually interpreted geographically (regional dialect), but it also has some application in relation to a person’s social background (class dialect) or occupation (occupational dialect). Between several of these dialects it is probable that closer affinities exist. A brainstorming session was in full effect as members used dialectic tactics to problem-solve. : But the dialectic method of argument is undoubtedly a good one if used properly, as it is dynamic, progressive and evolutionary. They fell in love in spite of the language barrier . form of writing that shows the accent and way people talk in a particular region ‘The Jutes settled in and near Kent, but the dialect for the region is known as Kentish, not Jutish.’. 3. 1 A particular form of a language which is peculiar to a specific region or social group. Dialect is explained so people can follow the speaker's meaning". 2. Examples of Dialect: Examples of Use of Dialect in Literature. A dialect is a much broader notion: it refers to the distinctive vocabulary and grammar of someone's use of language. See more. Dialectical definition is - of, relating to, or in accordance with dialectic. situational language learning wherein she presented sentences and let her students read it. How to say dialect in English? Dialect refers to a pattern of speech used in a particular region or area of a country. Different dialects can also be used by different classes of people. Hurston's familiarity with the language of the South enables her to accurately depict the dialect of the region. Another word for dialect. noun. Others were pulled from our literature database. How to use dialectic in a sentence. ‘this novel is written in the dialect of Trinidad’. A regional or social variety of a language distinguished by pronunciation, grammar, or vocabulary, especially a variety of speech differing from the standard literary language or speech pattern of the culture in which it exists. : Because of these problems, there is a danger that the dialectic approach will seem unscientific and its strengths will be overlooked. We use the same word but pronounce it differently. dialect meaning: 1. a form of a language that people speak in a particular part of a country, containing some…. If a learner had a difficulty in pronouncing, the teacher will guide him and correct him if there are mispronounced words. Examples of Colloquial in a sentence. a. a form of a language spoken in a particular geographical area or by members of a particular social class or occupational group, distinguished by its vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation. In Northern Chinese, for instance, chyan spoken in a level tone means “thousand.” In a rising tone it means “money”; in a … 20 sample sentences for DIALECT. Philosophy students gathered at the local coffee shop for their dialectic pursuits. Often yielding intelligent and logical results, the company used the dialectic process in their staff meetings. adj. If you say eether and I say iyther, that's accent. Because a job interview is such a serious event, one should not speak to the interviewer in a colloquial tone. 11 editor-approved samples. Then ther "He was … 2. The language barrier makes debate impossible. Dialect is regional, and it has distinctive features of vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation. The word dialect comes from the Ancient Greek dialektos “discourse, language, dialect,” which is derived from dialegesthai “to discourse, … But if you say I've got a new dustbin and I say I've gotten a … People were segregated and cloistered and so a dialect was born. 38+1 sentence examples: 1. 18 sentence examples using Dialect. " casual and conversational language. noun. The sentences also had transcriptions in the native language of learners. Learn more. The term dialect involves the spelling, sounds, grammar and pronunciation used by a particular group of people and it distinguishes them from other people around them.Dialect is a very powerful and common way of characterization, which elaborates the geographic and social background of any character. Since I am from a different country, I have a difficult time understanding the colloquial language in this country.