Can Chickens Eat Ant Eggs. While your chickens may be able to find the food that they need while foraging around the run, they are going to have a harder time finding water if you don’t supply it to them. You can find them at hardware stores, Wal-mart, or even online.). They work, but a chicken can peck a hole in them, and I’m not willing to test whether or not this a health hazard. The most important insurance of a healthy, long life for your bird is feeding it a nutritionally sound diet. Ants are simple to get rid of, the hard part is keeping our flock safe in the process. The fruit shouldn't actually hurt the chickens, though. Though chickens can eat fire ants, they pose as a threat especially to young chicks as well as to smaller chickens like the bantam breeds. Their menu includes carbohydrates (sugars), lipids (fats), and protein.Worker ants cannot ingest solid food particles (greater than 2 microns, 1 micron = 0.000039 of an inch), so they primarily feed on liquids. We are gobbling them down at an alarming rate. One time in college when I was living in the dorms, I had ordered a fancy pizza. Two, it doesn’t actually work, and three, are you REALLY going to eat garden produce you dumped a carcinogen on? The ants and aphids are probably throwing an underground party. If you’ve lived in the south, you probably aren’t surprised by FIRE ANTS! Are Ants Not Eating Bait? and finally save money and grow delicious vegetables! Free range chickens and chickens living on farms for generations have scratched in the dirt hunting for worms and bugs day after day. In those days anything that was out in the open was fair game for the swarm of college kids to eat. This prevents them from gaining access to your flock. Honestly speaking, the good or bad part depends on your readiness to eat them. Can Chickens Eat Anything. Water is just as important as feed – in some cases, even more so. Examples of Ant Bait Placement I definitely have a lack of chickens as we still have yet to build a coop at this property and restart a flock. So changing the mini ecosystem of your yard with polyculture will go a long way towards discouraging fire ants from overtaking your property. This usually sorts them out within 2-3 days. June 14, 2016 - by Gold Cochin - 1 Comment. If you’d like to keep collecting eggs from her, don’t give her any ideas! But first, try taking a look at how you are creating a fire ant paradise, and maybe make your yard a little less inviting to fire ants, and healthier overall. There was an error submitting your subscription. Trees also create more habitats for other animals, some of which will eat the fire ants for you, such as purple martins and lizards. They can cause chickens to stop laying eggs and to scratch and over-preen. I agree - don't use any sort of poison (be it insect poison or rat poison etc) in your chook house as the chickens may find their way into it. ... Chickens and Chemicals Don’t Mix! My chickens like big black ants, but I've seen them pass on eating small ants. TBN RanchCoop Building PlansArticles for Chicken Keepers, by Chicken KeepersAbout Combs & WattlesNest Boxes & Bedding TypesRaising Baby ChicksChickens, History and AncestryPoultry Genetics for Small & Backyard FlocksHow Much Space Chickens Need | TBN Ranch. Those ants are in there filling a niche and building up your soil for you, so fill it for them instead! My husband takes a big rock and throws it on the fire ant hills when he goes walking on our property every morning. "We have free-range chickens, and the chickens love those bugs," he says. Build up some great, healthy soil with lots of biodiversity. Some like apples, some don't care for them. In those days anything that was out in the open was fair game for the swarm of college kids to eat. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), New Chicken Keeping Articles | August 7 2015, Follow TBN Ranch Chicken Keeping Resources on, Understanding the Pecking Order | TBN Ranch, How to Determine Point of Lay | TBN Ranch, Fecal Impaction & Baby Chicks | TBN Ranch, Why Aren't My Hens Laying Eggs?

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